Agatha Christie

Writer. Student. Traveler. A frustrated detective/spy and action star who loves anime, movies, and music.

Yza Tolentino

A 20-year old girl who has a big heart for the local indie music scene, sunflowers, cats, summer, art, city lights, beaches and anything and everything vibrant. She's currently into PR, Events and Marketing and cheerfully works for freebies, free passes and free food. Say hi on twitter and instagram, @yzatolentino.

Ana Valenzuela

Ana Valenzuela graduated with a degree in AB Literature from UST. She has written for several media outlets. She is currently taking her Master's from UP.

Angeline Rodriguez

Angeline Rodriguez is a superhero, a princess, a geek, a rage monster and a single mom all rolled into one. She lives for makeup, music, dessert, yoga and the written word.

Angie Duarte

Angie is a weaver of Words and spinner of Dreams, inasmuch as she is spun by Words and woven by Dreams. Is drawn to the delicious, dark, and deviant, yet luxuriates in light. Poet, travel and features writer, columnist. Part-time Gypsy, full-time Oddball. Mother. Enjoys music, mirth, and mayhem, in equal measure.

Ashley Petallano

Ashley is an awkward potato in love with words, Kpop, and corgis. She spends her free time dancing like one of those balloon things you see in malls.

Bea Celdran

Bea is a single mother addicted to life hacks, books, food and the ocean. Bent on creating a better world for her daughter, she's using writing as a medium to get to where she needs to be, one chapter at a time.

Bea Mandac

Bea loves East Asian pop culture, and watching figure skating competitions and musicals. She's also KStreetManila's Writing Head.

Becca Tan

Becca Tan is a 30-something single lady, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She loves traveling and reading books. If she had all the time in the world, she'd read one book every day while traipsing in different places around the globe.

Bemjo Torema

Bemjo is constantly mistaken for a boy because of her name, but she is most definitely a girl. She enjoys coloring, being around dogs, and binge-watching TV shows. She currently works as a material developer for an ESL company.

Berna Sastrillo

She's a web content writer, a playwright, and the author of the children's novel, Detective Boys of Masangkay: Ang Mangkukulam.

Bianca Osteria

Bianca dreams of inspiring people through writing. She believe that knowledge is a very powerful tool, books are deep but meaningful and life is beautiful despite world's cruelty. Know more about her by visiting her blog, The Other Side of B.

Bien Aronales

Bien dabbles in various passions like writing, singing, dancing, coloring outside the lines, coffee chugging, and advocating for cat rights. She loves Kpop, anime, and movies with over-the-top action scenes.

Carla de Guzman

Carla is an author, a traveller and a fangirl. She started writing her first novella, Cities, while travelling for work, and would like to keep doing that for the rest of her life if she could.

Carol Premacio

Audacious,vivacious and loquacious, Carol Premacio's greatest loves are, and always will be, fashion and writing. She enjoys writing and reading books,fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines. One of her aspirations in life aside from working in the fashion and publishing industries is to travel and be able to see the world in all its beauty.

Ces Tan

Ces Tan has a passion for dance, art, music and beauty (and she also loves to write).

Charlene Ajose

Charlene Ajose considers herself a Jack of All Trades. She is a Layout Maker by profession, a Registered Nurse by mind, and a Stylista by heart. Know more about her by reading her blog, That Certain Charlene.

Charlene Owen

Charlene works for a popular greeting card company, hoping that what she writes makes some big, burly man somewhere cry. She's into MMA, and when she's not watching armbars on YouTube, she also writes for a tech blog or naps with her cat.

Chelsea Dauz

A masterpiece in progress; strong, independent, effervescent, kick-ass woman.

Chryss Segovia

Chryss loves ice cream, literature, and East Asian pop culture. She would like to pet your dog.


Stel is a 20 something who constantly finds new adventures, places and experiences to take upon. She has always loved to write, write and write and is still in the process of finding a plot for her future book. A sucker for romantic comedies, novels and self-help books.

Ciara Valdez

Ciara is a 20-something writer by day, hyperactive cat by night. When she's not busy performing on stage at Japanese-related events and conventions, you'll see her reading manga and travel blogs, watching anime and documentaries, or doing what she loves... eating. ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)

Ysh Igdanes

I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

Crystel Paner

Only child, Spoiled with Love. Hopeless-Romantic writer. Party goer. Bitter-Sweet Explorer. God’s Believer. Go getter! 

Daphne Bual

A lover of stories, parks, animals, rainy days, and hot chocolate, she believes that the best remedies for bad days are three servings of french fries and one whole rainbow cake.

Denivee Noble

Sometime realist, all-time daydreamer. Among old souls, Den must be ancient.

Dyan Carolino

Dyan is a 25-year-old writer with a sense of humor of a prepubescent male. On weekends, she hibernates.

Eileen Licopit

Eileen is a simple, laidback, and high-spirited young lady who loves anything nostalgic and easily becomes friends with anyone sincere and honest.

Ella Greene

Ella Greene loves eating, dyeing her hair with the colors of the rainbow and the idea of being in love. Aside from being an optimistic hopeless romantic, she is also an aspiring rapper. Her free days are spent practicing rhymes in the dark corners of her room.

Farida Jane

Farida Jane daylights as an ESL tutor and moonlights as a writer. Everything admirable, inspiring and beautiful captivates her.

Fiona Gurtiza

A tough cookie on the outside, but a soft mushy thing on the inside. Craves hugs and attention just as much as she enjoys writing and lending her friends a listening ear.

Gellie Abogado

Gellie Abogado is the Marketing & Communications of a Non-Profit Organization and the blogger behind She is also a Resident Evil fan girl and a singer in the shower.

Geri Osorio

She loves writing because it's the perfect excuse for her to make more puns.

Grisel Garcia

A writer and wanderlust. Likes coffee, but loves tea. Lives on good food, good books, and wonderful conversations.

Gynen Kyra Toriano

She is a self-proclaimed romantic that views life through rose colored glasses. Yet, she is also fascinated with the minds of psychopaths.

Hershey Neri

Hershey is a chatterbox, a sorority girl, a workaholic, and a fashionista- all rolled into one big sushi. She likes making people happy, giving free hugs, and eating sour strawberry tapes. You may visit her blog for more over at

Ina Louise

An awkward 20 year-old who wants to try too many things. She eats too much and makes videos when she's not writing.

Ina Tuason

I love make-up, cats, and everything pink.

Inna Espiritu

Coulrophobe and katsaridaphobe. Also known as that tall girl from class who is also obsessed with K-Pop and podcasts.

Iris Cruz

Iris is still trying to get over from what could be the worst heartbreak she has experienced in years. Writing about it is helping her deal with it, little by little. She wants to see the world and to immerse herself in many different cultures and stories. She loves comic books, sci-fi novels, and other nerderies.

Isabelle Sierra

Isabelle Sierra is a small lady working in a big city. She likes making references to popular culture, cutting her own hair and dreaming about alternate universes.

Issa Baleva

Issa loves comic books, movies, and all genres of music. You'll probably find her in some coffee shop in the South.

Iss Bautista

Three Things: Literature, nature and everything in between.

Ivy Rose Domopoy

This little miss believes that the world is too big to stay in just one place and that life is too short to do just one thing. An ENFJ daydreamer and conqueror whose passion is to motivate and inspire people around her. She is a personality development advocate and a counselor/life coach-in-the making who has also passion for writing.

Janelle Almosara

Janelle is a graduate of BA Communication Arts from UP Los Banos. She's a recruiter by day, and a writer (of some sort) at night. She's a huge fan of music, theater, and the arts. She loves spending time exploring new food and places. Aside from working, she is also running "The Dream Shirt" -- an online store that sells book inspired t-shirts.

Janeree Coria

Janeree is a marketing writer and a full-time furmom who enjoys trying out new things and exploring exciting hobbies.

Janessa Abigail Hizon

Abby is from the USA and moved to the Philippines to be with her husband, David Christopher Hizon, who also happens to be her photographer for most of her writing endeavors. A gamer, a bookworm, an animal lover and a self-proclaimed foodie, she is passionate about everything that she does and hopes that will come across in her writing. Follow her at &

Jara Alonzo

Hi there. Here's me in words: Near-sighted. Five foot Two. Coffee Fanatic. Traveler slash Explorer. Bookish. Programmer. Driver. Foodie. Moody. Amen.

Jaz Fedalizo

Jaz is a designer and copywriter fueled by coffee. If there was one thing you need to know about her, it’s that out of all desserts, strawberry ice cream prevails.

Jean Ricelle Aquino

Jean is a 23-year-old single parent who grew up in Pampanga. As a feminist, she fights against misogyny and misandry one day at a time.

Jet Tagasa

Jet drinks and knows things, then writes about it.

Joey Cole

Joey Cole is a digital content writer from Laguna. When she's not looking at her task list, she's probably obsessing over another anime show, looking at pictures of food, or adventuring all over the Shore and Faerun with her D&D friends.

Jonnah Dayuta

5'4. Writes day and night like she's running out of time. Likes dogs, coffee, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Ghostbusters (2016). Fights aliens.

Joy Soriano

Joy has been a vegan for over 20 years. She's done a wide range of stories for magazines, from music and movies to business and culture matters. She continues to write professionally to this day — like, right this very minute.

Jules Ruizol

Jules' main passion lies in performing, whether it's singing, dancing, or acting. Her music preference ranges from obscure indie bands to addictive KPop acts. She balances being girly and geeky with her obsession with makeup and tabletop games. Wes Anderson is the only director that matters.

Justine Lubag

Justine is a Slytherin who loves cosplay, horror fiction, and puns. She is the certified favorite human of her dog, Pud.

Kallie Moreno

Kallie is just a little weird and doesn't like sunlight very much. She subsists on tea and fancy lip balms.

Karess Rubrico

If she's not writing, Karess reads, paints, laughs with her friends, or takes photos of stray cats. Currently, she holds a healthy obsession for washi tape and bullet journalling.

Karol Borja

A writer and lyricist with dreams taller than herself.

Katrina Tankeh

Writes, eats, and dances with an incomparable vigor but is only really good at one of those things.

Kim Silvano

Kim is a 24-year old writer. She reads books of varying genres and even Japanese manga. You'll have a food trip and travel buddy with Kim. She dreams of traveling around the world and writing her magnum opus someday.

Leanne Malicdem

Leanne Malicdem has a soft spot for all things romantic, heartbreaking, and beautiful. She is inspired by passionate people who are in love with the work that they do. Leanne enjoys reading and thinks that Paulo Coelho speaks to her directly through his books. She often constructs run-on sentences and is an advocate of the usage of the oxford comma.

Liana Smith Bautista

Liana Smith Bautista is an article writer, web content manager, manuscript copy editor, and blogger—and she thinks it's awesome that she earns her living marketing on her love for the written word.

Loraine Balita-Centeno

Loraine has been working as a writer/editor since 2005.

Lorainne Pangalangan

Lorainne is a marketing writer. Her first love is writing but her mistresses are make-up, art, and theater. For her, everyday is a constant battle between matcha and coffee.

Lorey De Guzman

Lorey is a small girl with a big appetite for love, life, culture, and food. Yes, most especially, food.

Mai Porras

Pint-sized Pinay. Writer by day, mermaid by night. Loves coffee, elephants, and the old book smell. Adoptive Mom to Churro, Laya, Alab, Chelsea, and Ivory, who all have four legs.

Marian Bartolome

Marian is an interior designer turned freelance writer who loves exploring the world on her feet and through her Kindle. Her favorite things to write about? Travel, lifestyle, coffee, and happily ever afters.

Krizel and Iris

Iris and Krizel have been friends for more than a decade, and they are still not sick of each other. They plan to travel to a spontaneous destination soon, with only the help of a dart and map; wherever the dart lands, that’s where they shall go. Crazy? Everyone they meet thinks they are. Oh, and they love boys and Friday night cocktails.

Mariel Abanes

A girl who lives and breathes writing, magazines, music, literature and sweets. A follower not of the rules, but of her heart. Instagram: @marielabanes

May Elona

Mother, wife, editor, writer, aspiring entrepreneur – ideally, in that order, but it gets scrambled anyway. So now am a switching expert.

Megann Monday

Known as "Megann Monday" on the web, she is a social media specialist by profession and is a blogger by passion. While she was born and raised in the city, you can often find her booking the next flight out or on the bus to the nearest beach destination.

Melissa G. Bagamasbad

Dark chocolate, dogs, and adventure are just some of Mel's passions. Aside from doing her best to live life to the full, she plans on writing her own fiction one day.

Micah Andres

Micah Andres is a writer, stand-up comedian, amateur videogamer. He's also a guy, which is a strange thing to be in a site dedicated to women's issues, but the girls love him anyway (as a friend).

MM Maglasang

I write occasionally, read voraciously, travel constantly, and love fiercely. Talk to me about adventure, cultural events, psychology, and world domination. Introverted and loud, awkward and proud.

Myra Mortega

Myra is a writer and an editor. She has penned speeches, magazine articles, educational materials, and online content. She enjoys traveling, doodling, taking photos, and laughing to "Friends" reruns.

Nica Valdeavilla

Nica loves books, writing, and photography. She likes to discover new dishes, places and try a lot of things. She dreams of having her own business but her grandest dream is to travel the world.

Nikki Uson

Nikki is a petite marketing copywriter by day, unicorn-chaser by night with a thirst for exploring the big world.

Niv Urdas

Niv Urdas is an INFP who loves to write, read, listen, watch, and taste a little bit of everything.

Nyj Verdadero

Web content writer. Mother to a cat named Fatty and a basil named Herby. Dreams of going off the grid and running an animal shelter with her wife.

P. Torres

P. Torres' favorite animals are dragons, despite the lack of tangible evidence of their existence. When reading books or watching movies, anything with dragons in them gets top priority.

Patricia Velasco

A woman with a mix of that 'one-of-the-boys' and 'the average Jane' kind of vibe; who's had a fair share of experiences ranging from slip-ups to heartbreaks. One that reaches out to share her lessons from everyday life to other like souls.

Pia Rojas

Pia Rojas has been writing about fashion, beauty, and health for 17 years. She's happily married with dog, and spends most of her time working and applying weird skin potions to her face.

PM Falcone

Pia is an indoorsman of the internet. She takes pleasure in learning new things, spending time with friends, and getting lost in foreign cities.

Pocholo Anton Torres

Used to write for pizza. Now writes for pizza in the Philippines.


Raine is a content writer for Axadra and a digital marketer specializing in SEO. She has been in the marketing industry for years working in tech and TV production. A writer by day and a reader by night, she enjoys aquathlons, long runs, and playing short trills on the piano.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is a dreamer and a doer, a storyteller and an adventurer, a self-confessed dependent on planners, lists, and mind maps. She’s interested in writing, photography, videography, and the online media. Most of all, she’s interested in the stories told through these forms. Her aim is to consistently produce inspiring and relevant content, to live everyday with passion and excellence, and to inspire and live inspired. She currently writes for WhenInManila. com, where she is a Senior Columnist and an admin. She is a work in progress, and a wide-eyed learner 24/7. As a firm believer in the magic of stories and shared dreams, she loves to interact, learn, and collaborate with others. Connect with her @rebeccaallee on Instagram and Twitter, and in her personal blog in You could also check out her work in When in Manila at

Renee Marsha Babao

Drinks an ungodly amount of coffee and eats an ungodly amount of chocolate. Up at an ungodly hour.

Roxanne Agbayani

Rox Agbayani is a trainer and a writer who loves to chill and sing with her ukulele. She loves to cook and taste food from different cultures, a nature lover and a scientist by heart. She finds serenity in her quiet time and thinks best when doodling. She dreams of healing people’s hearts through her God-given talents.

Ruth M. Mazo

Ruth M. Mazo is a part-time writer, part-time illustrator, part-time adventurer, and a full-time student of experience and learning.

Sam Enriquez

Certified coffee lover and dog hugger.

Sam Dadofalza

Sam Dadofalza likes to stuff her face with burgers. And chocolates. And chips. And words.

Sherna Tesara

Sherna loves books and Taylor Swift. She can often be found talking about both on Twitter or trying to manage her three dogs.

Stef Suarez

Stef writes digital content for a living and listens to other people's stories to live. She likes matcha, puns, and long walks. Say hello at

Tash De Castro

Tash is often thinking of her next meal while palpitating over coffee. Legend has it that if you talk to her about food and bring her on a hike, you'll have her friendship forever.

Tazeana Joandre

When she's not writing, Tazeana spends her day YouTubing cat and dog videos and daydreaming about Jollibee fried chicken.

The Wandering Deity

Wanted to be a saint, but mum said naughty lil girls don't get beatified. Decided instead to rule this mini universe in the far corner of her brain. When not busy ruling, she writes and writes and reads and reads anything under the sun.

Valeria Van Hoven

An avid lover of bagoong, philosophy, and writing, Valeria enjoys spending her free time typing ideas away on her keyboard, and listening to Alan Watts tapes. You may spot her taking long walks with her dog, Snow, while singing second voice to Disney songs. She intends to take up a master's degree in Creative Writing one day, and publish her own book!

Veronica Guingon

Veronica's daily routine consists of shooting, writing and editing videos. These things basically make up her life right now. She tries to add a little laughing, dancing, paddling and traveling in between. And oh yeah, she tries to sleep sometimes.

Vivian Chan

Your friendly next-door hubadera.

Wileene Olimpo

Wileene is a writer and gamer who graduated from UST with a degree in AB Journalism. She has a passion for dancing, listening to good music, and watching heartbreaking movies that make her cry her eyes out. Keep up with her thoughts, opinions, and adventures here.

Zen Dumaraos

Zen is a mom and a business owner. She likes to travel, and spend time with her family. Zen spends her spare time writing and helping advocate women’s issues in the Philippines. Her passion is to help empower strong successful independent women.

Zhella Jean Hulleza

Jean is an avid fan of tennis and Rafael Nadal. She spends most of her time watching movies and reading novels. Her ultimate dream is to visit Mount Olympus and the Angel Falls. She currently works as a content writer in an online marketing company.

Zia Dadis

Zia Dadis is a free-falling bud that never quite made it to the ground. If she's not finding the meaning of life; she's sitting in front of the computer trying to make sense of everything. Sometimes though, she changes it up by being painfully positive on Twitter.