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Lip Service: 5 Easy Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Lips

Lip Service: 5 Easy Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Lips

Lip Service: Get Schooled on How to Properly Care for Your Lips

Pucker up, ladies! Get smooth and kissable lips with just a few tips. No longer will you fret about chapped lips when you follow these 5 simple and easy measures towards that Georgina Wilson pout!

Get your daily dose of moisture.

In the form of lip balm, yes. Don’t worry. There are a lot of available lip moisturizers out there, so you’ll never run out of choices. These moisturisers promise uber nourishing treatment. Just smother a generous amount of it on your lips before you go out and before you go to bed. Feel free to reapply it every time you feel the need to, as well (that is, whenever your lips feel dry). Don’t want to look colorless? There are a lot of tinted lip balms available in the market nowadays, so you can create a beautiful statement with your lips with their help.

Stop your lips from flaking.

First, soften your lips with a warm and damp towel and gently buff the dryness away with a circular motion. Then, apply lots of petroleum jelly. I suggest doing this before hitting the sack, so the moisturizing properties of the jelly can get properly absorbed overnight. After that, you’ll wake up to super soft lips!

Choose your products carefully.

Have you ever tried reading the ingredients of the products that you use? Half of what women read on these products is usually foreign to them. If you feel the same way, then it might be time for you to think twice before purchasing your next lipstick, no matter how flattering it may look on you. After all, you could end up regretting picking up that lippie with lead content in the long run. Remember: you deserve the best, so only choose items that are both safe and effective.

Avoid sharing.

This is not just for hygienic purposes, but also for your health! Even your bestfriend-since-kindergarten cannot guarantee that you won’t get anything from her. Just think of it this way: you won’t want to share your toothbrush with anyone, would you? So keep your things to yourself. If the gals want to have the exact same variant, have them buy their own instead.

Stop licking your lips.

As much as possible, do not lick your lips, no matter how tempting it may be. It will only make your lips dryer. To avoid this, stash your trusty balm in your kikay kit for easy accessibility.

Caring for your lips is as important as caring for your body. This is why it would be best nurture them. Besides, doing so will ensure that you are ready for a smooch fest anytime. 😉

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