Here’s an interesting thought: We rarely get bored–for lack of a better term–anymore because there’s social media to keep us entertained. It has become part and parcel of our lives now, and it has changed our daily habits forever. Skip logging in to your social media account for one day, and it feels like you’ve already missed out on so many things.

As I have also observed, there are a lot of people who experience FOMO: the Fear Of Missing Out. They don’t want to get behind what’s trending or miss catching up with friends for fear of not relating with them next time they tell an inside joke. But the thing is, are we paying enough attention to our selves? When was the last time you took time off for yourself? When was the last time you had quiet time for meditation? When was the last time you logged off your devices and spent time alone?

The thing is, spending quiet time with ourselves is something that we should do often. Here are 10 good reasons why:

1. It increases concentration and productivity.

Spending time alone, especially in a quiet place, can clear our minds and increase our concentration, making us more productive. The thing is, we’ve become used to doing several things at once, making it hard for us to give our undivided attention on one task at a time. Spending quite time alone can help you become more mindful.

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2. It gives you time to reflect.

When was the last time you set aside time for reflection? You can use your alone time to do some serious self-evaluation and to plan for your future, which could be hard to do when you’re distracted or surrounded by lots of people.

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3. It recharges your mind.

Setting aside quality alone time for yourself–may it be writing on your journal, reading a book, practicing a hobby, or working on a coloring book–even for just 10 minutes can help our brain rest and recharge so we can function well.

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4. It gives you an opportunity to think deeply.

Being alone enables us to sort out our thoughts and free what our unconscious mind think. That’s why meditation can help people who have anxiety and depression.

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5. It gives you time to know yourself better.

Solitude allows you to listen to your own voice. You’re not forced to conform with what others like when you’re alone. You can freely choose what you want that makes it easier for you to know your passion and desires.

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6. It improves relationships with others.

Constantly socializing can be mentally and physically draining at times. Sure, socializing is part of our daily life, but if we don’t pause for a while, we may get burnt out–which could eventually take a toll on our relationships. That’s why even if we’re in a romantic relationship, it is important to have a me-time in order to not lose ourselves in the process. Spending time alone empowers our independence and growth as individuals.

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7. It enhances your creativity.

It’s easy to think out of the box when we’re alone, since we are in a judgment-free zone. We can tap our creative insights that we may find difficult to reach when we’re always distracted. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”

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8. It allows you to do things without pressure.

You’re in control of your time and what you want to do with it. You’re more relaxed because no one is nagging at you to do this or that, and you’re free to do what you want at your own pace. The result? Better output.

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9. It helps you think about your goals.

It’s easier for us to think about our goals and the steps that we need to take to achieve them during our “alone time.” We cannot properly plan for our future when we’re distracted or attending to lots of things.

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10. It allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.

You don’t need to act or pretend. Watch a movie alone, eat more than usual, be in your sweatpants all day. You don’t need to care about the negativities in the world. It’s a celebration of your being.

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