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5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vagina

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vagina

There’s so much mystery behind a vagina, but how to keep them healthy shouldn’t be one of them. It goes without saying that every girl must wash their lady bits regularly. However, here’s are some tips to help you give your vagina extra TLC.

1. Eat healthy food.

Having a clean and healthy vagina is all about having a healthy body. Our hoo-has all need nutrients as much as any of our body parts. The right amount of food can help our vagina battle common problems such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and vaginal dryness. For example, drinking pure cranberry juice can help treat urinary tract infections. Yogurt is another great option, as it’s packed with good bacteria, called probiotics, that lessens the chance of getting yeast infections. To lessen the uneasy feelings of dryness, eat soy-based food, like tofu. Soy contains a small amount of estrogen that will help your body produce the necessary moisture.

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2. Find products that are hiyang.

From napkins to feminine wash to condoms, it is imperative that you find a product that will not cause any discomfort or itching. Products that may work for others may not work for you. Try to learn more about the product and its possible effects on different skin types. You may also seek recommendations from your girl friends and family members. And of course, try the product yourself. But make sure to not buy in bulk first—in case it doesn’t work out.

3. Let your vajayjay breathe.

Just like other body parts, air circulation is important for your vaginal health. Good air circulation can prevent vaginal sweating. Now, what is that? Well, it’s basically the same as your armpit sweating—only it’s down there. It also means that it can lead to the same thing: odors. Aside from the feeling of uneasiness, vaginal sweating can also contribute to infections. To avoid this, use cotton underwear, avoid tight-fitting pants, change your napkins or tampons frequently, and wash after urinating or having sex. You may also opt to go commando when sleeping to give your vagina an eight-hour breather. Just remember: ventilation is key, so it’s okay to let down your panties.

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4. Visit your lady doctor regularly.

Pay your gynecologist for a general check-up at least once a year. Your yearly visit is the best time to get a pap smear or a pelvic exam. A pap smear will help detect abnormal cells that could eventually lead to cervical cancer, while a pelvic exam can detect STDs and other forms of cancer. However, if you notice any changes or irregularities, it is best to talk to your gyne as soon as you can. Find someone you can trust and you are comfortable with so you can ask intimate questions.

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5. Leave your vagina alone.

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But after all that, sometimes, you just need to leave your vagina alone. Do you know that vaginas have a way of naturally cleaning themselves? So from time to time, it’s best to not use any products when cleaning your vagina. Just use clean water. Give your vagina a break.

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Taking care of your vagina may seem complicated, but in the end, it’s all about taking care of yourself. Do what is natural and right for your body.

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