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Beat the Heat with These Singaporean Brands

Beat the Heat with These Singaporean Brands

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Summer is in full swing and for Filipinas like us who still need to go out for work or fun, investing in breezy clothing and functional accessories makes living through the heat bearable. Recently, Singaporean brands have been popping up on people’s feeds so, what exactly can SG brands offer?

Even after Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore, Filipinos are still visiting Singapore just to eat or shop. Shopping for clothes in Singapore is a good way to breathe new life into your closet, especially since these brands design their pieces for the tropical weather – making them perfect for the Philippine weather, too!

So, if you’re heading to Singapore soon or if you have a friend offering to pasabuy, here are some brands you may want to look into.

The Paper Bunny

The first time I heard about The Paper Bunny was during Wanderland in 2023. A friend of mine showed up with The Bottle Buddy strapped across her chest and the rest is history.

If The Paper Bunny was looking for an influencer in Manila to showcase their product, my friend was the perfect candidate. I watched her effortlessly carry her tumbler around in a cute sling which also had a pocket for her essentials. She was gliding, dancing, and rehydrating the day away while keeping her personal items safe.


The Paper Bunny Bottle Buddy
The Paper Bunny Bottle Buddy

Something to Hold

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has dreams of living out her cottagecore dreams in one of Europe’s picturesque provinces. Well, since I can’t exactly do that because of this little thing called responsibilities, I might as well settle for the next best thing – dressing like I am, which is why Something to Hold is on this list.

What I like about Something to Hold is that the brand is centered on approaching life more mindfully. The brand’s guiding values are to sustainably make their clothes and design them to be timeless. With Something to Hold, people and the environment come first, and it shows in every piece that they create.

The fabrics that Something to Hold uses are perfect for the Philippines’ tropical climate. It’s also built to last, so you can keep wearing them for years and they’ll only look better with time.

Something to Hold Vista Dress
Something to Hold Vista Dress


Don’t you just love brands that are on a mission to make a positive impact on society while also being affordable? Well, that’s exactly what Barehands is doing.

Barehands make it easy for you to support communities while making a statement with your outfits. The partner communities that Barehands partners with for their clothes receive a living wage while crafting eye-catching pieces that showcase their skills.

For example, Barehands’ Saddleback Romper in Handloom Ikat is crafted by the Ikat Weaving Community in Choutuppal, India. This opportunity brings attention to the culture and heritage of these weavers while also providing them with stable employment opportunities.

Barehands Saddleback Romper - Handloom Ikat
Barehands Saddleback Romper – Handloom Ikat

To minimize waste, most pieces by Barehands are made to order. It can take between four to seven weeks before they’re dispatched.


What better way to stay cool than to stay out in the water? If you’re looking for new swimwear that’s perfect for lounging around the pool or one that can stay on even when the ocean waves take you for a little twist and tumble, Haikini, may be the brand for you.

Haikini prides itself on designing bikinis that are perfect for every adventure. Each swimsuit is also ethically produced in Bali, so you get to support a good cause while you gear up for your next water adventure.

Haikini Thalassa - Cami Reversible Bikini Top With Fixed Padding
Haikini Thalassa – Cami Reversible Bikini Top With Fixed Padding

The Editor’s Market

The Editor’s Market has put up a couple of stores in the Philippines. Since then, they’ve lured people into their well-curated spaces to try out their clothes – only to leave with new bags of clothing and a lighter wallet.

I mean, who can resist? The Editor’s Market has designed their pieces to be timeless, so you know that they won’t go out of style – ever. In addition to that, they’re also made with sustainable fabrics, and they’re priced affordably for their quality. That being said, don’t these clothes count as investment pieces?

One of my favorite pieces from The Editor’s Market is the Lunea Double-Strap Jumpsuit, which is perfect for summer days especially because of how breezy the fabric is.

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The Editor's Market Lunea Double-Strap Jumpsuit
The Editor’s Market Lunea Double-Strap Jumpsuit

Beyond the Vines

Since Beyond the Vines (BTV) released their dumpling bags, they’ve been a staple for girls on the go.

Recently, BTV released their ParaPacks and it’s quickly becoming the new go-to bag for summer adventures. The ParaPack is a backpack that you can turn into a tote bag, so you technically get two bags in one.

If you’re worried that this bag is only good for the dry season, well, prepare to be proven wrong. The ParaPack is made with the same water-resistant fabric as BTV’s dumpling bags, so even when the rainy season is well underway, the items inside your bag are still safe.

Beyond The Vines ParaPack001
Beyond The Vines ParaPack001

Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito is another Singaporean brand that’s becoming a closet staple for Filipinas. Pieces from Love, Bonito make you look effortlessly put together, and you can even take them from the office straight to a night out in the city.

Since the founders of Love, Bonito are from Singapore, you can bet that they’ve made sure that their pieces will make you look chic while keeping you ready for the summer heat.

Love, Bonito recently launched their summer capsule collection. Most of these pieces were designed to keep you looking fresh and feeling cool.

Padded Floral Peplum Camisole Top (Cornflower Blue) and Denim Straight Leg Jeans  (Dark Denim Washed)
Love, Bonito Padded Floral Peplum Camisole Top (Cornflower Blue) and Denim Straight Leg Jeans (Dark Denim Washed)

Beat the Heat

While some of these Singaporean brands are already in the Philippines, there are still a couple of brands that you still need to avail of your friends’ pasabuy services or wait long delivery times for – just like Love, Bonito.

Thankfully, the wait is almost over because Love, Bonito is set to open in Greenbelt 3 by the third quarter of 2024. So, mark your calendars and get ready to start fitting your favorite Love, Bonito pieces in-store and checking them out on the same day.


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