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5 Kawaii Bloggers for Fashion Inspiration

5 Kawaii Bloggers for Fashion Inspiration

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“Kawaii” is a Japanese term that means “cute,” and it’s a way of expressing oneself with inspiration from the quirky land of the rising sun.

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There are many fashion trends in Japan today, and if you’re interested to give these a try, here is a list of bloggers you can follow:

1. Chai Mungcal

Chai is a self-taught photographer and a self-proclaimed cat lady. Her blog contains mostly about cats, aomoji-kei, girly lifestyle, photography, street fashion, and Japanese pop and kawaii culture. She gets her inspiration from, Shiina Ringo, and many more.

See more of Chai’s outfits at her site ( and Instagram account.

2. Ashley Dy

Ashley has been living in and out of Japan, wandering the world slowly but surely. Her personal and travel blog takes you to different places, while teaching you what to wear depending on the season. Her fashion inspirations include Japanese personalities like Risa Nakamura.

Along with her partner Kaila, she shares her adventures in Japan at OurKawaii.Tokyo. Get fashion inspiration from Ashley on her blog and Instagram account.

3. Kaila Ocampo

Kaila is the inspiring lady behind, a community that promotes kawaii as a lifestyle. She’s currently living the life in Japan, taking snapshots of all things cute and of course, dressing up according to her fashion inspirations. These include Japanese magazines,, and pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

If you want fashion goodies from Japan, like a Cardcaptor Sakura necklace or a souvenir jacket (sukajan), she maintains two shops: Rainbowholic Shop and Japan Lover Me Store.

What better way to inspire your OOTD than seeing the latest happenings in Japan. Check out her blog and Instagram account.

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4. Kaye Romero

Kaye finds joy in making crafts and sewing cute dresses and skirts, whether for herself, her sister, or her customers at Dolly Kaye. She only makes one piece per design, so you won’t find anyone in the world who wears the exact same dress. How cool is that? She takes most of her fashion inspiration from sweet girly fashion picture book, Larme Magazine .

Follow her blog and Instagram account for more updates.

5. Naomi Nikola

Naomi likes all things kawaii and finds delight in playing video games, graphic designing, layout editing, and creating things out of her imagination. She’s also the person behind the Milk Club Shop. Did I mention her hair? Who wouldn’t love that hair color?

Know more about this charming girl by following her blog and Instagram account.

Do you know other bloggers who deserve to be on the list? Feel free to comment.

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