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Bleached Bums: Anal Bleaching is a Thing; Let’s Dig Deep

Bleached Bums: Anal Bleaching is a Thing; Let’s Dig Deep

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2019 is the year of the ass.

It has nothing to do with the donkey or any other Chinese astrology. But it does have something to do with your bums, ladies.

It’s acceptable to pay respect to someone’s booty. If Nicki Minaj hasn’t taught you a thing or two about ass loving, you’re missing out. More people are paying attention to their butts and are committed to giving it the pampering it deserves.

One of the growing booty trends has something to do with bleaching it, or its clinical term: anal bleaching.

Anal Bleaching: Say What Now?

The booty enhancement trend took off after Kourtney Kardashian said she’d been having her backside done
Image from Murilo Folgosi on Pexels

In medical terms, “anal bleaching” is a treatment that includes applying chemicals to the skin around the anus to lighten its natural pigmentation. Ladies who wish to bleach their bums can visit a spa, salon, or medical professional who offers the service.

Porn popularized the booty bleaching trend. It first gained traction when adult film actress Tabitha Stevens bleached her anus on “Dr. 90210” to look more pleasant up close on camera. Around the same time, Google Trends data revealed that the search volume for the treatment increased.

Kourtney Kardashian fanned the booty flames by revealing that she, too, had anal bleaching during an episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.” Since the procedure is Kardashian-approved, it was natural for the public to follow the suit.

Why Bleach Your Bum

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Consider seeking treatment for a whiter booty if you’re after the following:

Improved Skin Texture

Anal bleaching lactic acid, an active component that exfoliates the skin. The procedure’s exfoliation replaces old skin cells with new ones to make the skin softer and lighter.

Reduced Acne Scars

Some people have acne in the anus region because of poor hygiene practices, genetics, or excessive sweating.

Diminished Hyperpigmentation

Kojic acid will not only reduce melanin production; it can also address other hyperpigmentation issues, like melisma and freckles.

How Does It Work?

At-home skin bleaching creams, serums, and peels are available for your private use
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Melanin, one of the body’s naturally occurring chemicals, darkens the skin color to protect it from harmful UV rays. Since the body produces more melanin, your skin darkens.

Anal bleaching is a cosmetic procedure designed to address this ‘problem.’ Topical bleaching products use mercury, hydroquinone, kojic, and other lightening chemicals to reduce the skin’s production of melanin. DIY solutions include at-home skin-bleaching cream, serums, or peels.

Professional anal bleaching is also available at salons, medical spas, and a few waxing places. Don’t forget to shave your booty and keep it clean and dry before your appointment. Just like you would with a Brazilian wax, wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting underwear to let the area breathe after the appointment.

Expect burning, itching, and stinging during and after the treatment. Skin irritation is common when you use lightening creams and it can develop after bleaching sensitive areas, such as the skin around your anus.

Is it Safe?

There have been studies and news that claim high doses of hydroquinone and kojic acid can cause cancer. To be fair, professional bleaching will only involve lower doses of these products, but it pays to be cautious.

Instead of depending solely on DIY anal bleaching, seek out a professional first.

Should You Jump in the Sack Right After?

“Honey, I bleached my ass” is a new turn on
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One of the primary reasons people choose to bleach this “little-explored area” is to feel more confident in the bedroom. But you shouldn’t start messing around in bed after a session. It’s best to abstain from sex after the procedure.

Wait it out for three days (It’s just three days, you will survive). If you show no signs of irritation after this period, then have at it.

Anal bleaching is a great way to whiten your bum area for summer or just for sexy time with your better half. But before you go through with this cosmetic procedure, talk to a professional and observe negative side effects.

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