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Hot Mess: The 3-Step Guide to Pulling Off the Hangover Makeup Look

Hot Mess: The 3-Step Guide to Pulling Off the Hangover Makeup Look

At first glance, so many beauty trends seem complicated. But this is not the case with the hangover look—the latest beauty look to come out of Asia.

Red, puffy skin and circles underneath the eyes are dead giveaways that you feel like crap after a night out, but many women all over Asia and even in the Philippines are trying to look that way with the hangover look. This trend is known as “byojaku” or “sickly” in Japan and it’s showing up on magazine covers and social media.

If you’re set to try this look, read on for the steps to pulling off the hangover makeup look:

Step 1: Create a Puffy Lid

The first essential component of the hangover look is aegyo sal lower eyelids (aegyo sal is Korean for “charming fat”). In some parts of Asia, particularly in Japan and Korea, a puffy lower eyelid is a good thing, because for them, it’s seen as youthful and happy. Some even fake this look by contouring under the eye, and then adding highlights where the puffiness should be.

To make this step easier for you, here’s a tutorial from makeup guru, Michelle Phan:

Step 2: Apply Blush Underneath the Eyes

The second step is to apply blush higher than the usual, underneath the eyes. This technique is supposed to make you look like you’re red from a night of too much alcohol —but in the cutest way possible.

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Step 3: Apply Eyeliner—and Smudge It

Use pencil eyeliner to line your eyes, then smudge it a little. Make it look as if you’ve hit the snooze button many times and ran out the door with last night’s makeup on.

This step is quite risky, however. Do it wrong and you’ll look like you’ve been hit by the flu. The trick here is to use the dot method, placing the dots as close to the lash line as possible. You might want to make your complexion radiant as well with a pre-makeup skin care routine.

With this trend, you can go ahead and put down your concealer—because eye bags and a flushed look are in!

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