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Chapped Lippie No More: The Best Products for your Lips

Chapped Lippie No More: The Best Products for your Lips

Featured Image from Chelsi Mittelhölzer via Flickr Creative Commons

We all deserve an award for surviving the sweltering heat this summer. It’s been days of nothing but sweat, itchy skin, more sweat, and did I mention sweat? Despite that, we Modern Filipinas managed to power through and still look our best this summer.

The heat, however, does more than annoy our skin. The summer season is also affecting your lips.

Whether it’s just a summer phase or it happens all-year-round, chapped lips is a problem. Apart from the changing seasons, lack of special care will result in sore, dry, and scaly lips. It seems like you’re not going to win this lippie war.

Fortunately, lip care is out there!

Don’t settle for dry lips. Looking for the best products to moisturize your lips? Here are MF’s top picks:

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips Mini

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This petroleum jelly from Vaseline provides an all-day soft feel to your lips. It’s the perfect addition to your nightly ritual; applying a small coat before you go to bed ensures you wake up with soft lips. The product’s moisturizing and protective formula is thick, but it guarantees full hydration.

The sheer rosy tint is also perfect for a touch of color!


Image from Walgreens

ChapStick is THE household name in terms of lip hydration. Growing up with this brand, almost everyone’s a big fan of ChapStick. The wax in this lip balm seals your kiss by protecting it from the loss of moisture. This lip balm is also the perfect companion for a day out in the beach; the Spearmint variety moisturizes the lips while providing a cooling sensation. It comes at a low price, but guarantees high quality moisture.

Find a bunch of these in your favorite flavors: Spearmint, Strawberry, and Green Apple.

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Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Image from Maybelline

Like ChapStick, Maybelline’s Baby Lips has also become the standard of lip care. Guaranteeing 8-hour moisture, your chapped lips will see visible results after a week. The exclusive formula also come in different fun and delicious flavors and colorful versions.

Nivea Repair & Protection Lip Balm

Image from Unichem Pharmacy

Looking for a go-to lip care product? Nivea is one of your best bets.

Their Repair & Protection beauty lip balm effectively nourishes and soothes your dry, chapped lips. The magic, however, needs time to work. A week after using Nivea’s lip balm, you’ll notice softer lips perfect for another round of lipstick application. Another bonus: the moisturizing formula offers relief that doesn’t require constant re-application.

Keep your lips happy and healthy all-year round! How about you? What’s your favorite lip care product?

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