Are You Dating a Compulsive Liar? 5 Signs to Watch For

In a romantic relationship, honesty and trust are absolute essentials. So, if you catch your guy in a lie or two, you begin to wonder how many times he’s lied to you that you haven’t caught onto. You even begin to wonder if he might be a compulsive liar. If you are in this situation right now, here’s a few signs to watch out for to find out if you are indeed dating a compulsive liar.

Image from Liar Liar via Universal Studios

Screencap from Liar Liar via Universal Studios

1. He is constantly trying to impress you.

While it’s natural to try and impress someone that you are dating by telling them about your greatest feats, a compulsive liar tends to be extremely attention seeking and some of the ways he tries to impress you are, frankly unbelievable. Compulsive liars usually have low self-esteem and feel a need to make up for their own perceived failures by making up impressive sounding lies to impress the people around them.

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2. You catch him contradicting himself.

When you first met him, one of the stories he told you was about the time he saved his little sister’s life. Now, telling the story again, he says it was his little brother that he saved, not his sister. Did you just remember things incorrectly? Or does this happen a lot? A compulsive liar has told so many lies that even he can’t keep them straight himself. If you keep catching him saying things that contradict his own stories, there’s a high chance that you are dating a compulsive liar.

GIF from The Princess Bride via Giphy

GIF from The Princess Bride via Giphy

3. He has no problem lying about small things.

If you catch your guy lying about something small, like what time his mom came by earlier, it might not seem like such a big deal. However, one of the trademarks of a compulsive liar is that they lie about things that don’t even seem to matter. Lying has become such a natural, ingrained behavior of his that it’s easier to lie about something even when the truth isn’t bad. When he lies frequently about insignificant things, it shows that his go-to response is to tell a lie, rather than tell the truth.

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4. He has telling body language.

Liars usually have certain characteristics that can give themselves away. While your guy may have his own unique trademarks that show when he’s telling a lie, there are lots of proven tics common to liars that he likely shares as well. Pay attention to his body language next time you think he’s lying to you about something. Is he fidgety or avoiding making eye contact with you? Does he turn away from you when he starts talking so that you can’t see his face? These are glaring signs that he’s not being honest with you.

GIF from Giphy

GIF from Giphy

5. He refuses to face the truth.

Usually, if you catch someone in a lie and have proof, the normal reaction is to either confess or go on the defense. A compulsive liar is likely to do one of two things. First, he might enter an extremely defensive mode, to the point where he is really angry or tries to turn the situation around and put the blame on you somehow. Another way that a compulsive liar might handle being caught, though, is to continue denying everything. Even when faced with proof, a compulsive liar would rather stick to his story than admit that he was caught in a lie.

GIF from Giphy

GIF from Giphy

If your significant other is exhibiting these signs, it’s time to consider the idea that he is a compulsive liar. It’s probably in your best interest to walk away from the relationship; after all, who knows how much of it has been a lie now? Get out of there before he uses another lie to talk you into staying.


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