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20 Onscreen Hotties Who Can Sing Too

20 Onscreen Hotties Who Can Sing Too

How often do you find a guy who’s attractive, a talented actor, and musically inclined to boot? Not everyday, that’s for sure! Still, we managed to come up with more than a dozen Hollywood actors who fit the bill—and some of them came as total surprises to us! Ladies, you’re going to want to crank up your volume for this list.


1. Chris Pine

We had to start with Prince Charming himself! We bet you remember this blue-eyed hunk as James T. Kirk in the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, but this week, we’ll see him rocking a different set of threads as Cinderella’s Prince in the much-anticipated musical film Into the Woods.


2. Jeremy Jordan

If you’re a fan of the short-lived TV series Smash, then Jeremy Jordan and his impressive pipes need no further introduction to you. If not, don’t miss him in the movie adaptation of Jason Robert Brown’s award-winning musical The Last Five Years, where he stars opposite one of our favorite singer-actresses, Anna Kendrick.


3. Theo James

Did Divergent‘s Four capture your attention like he did ours? Well, once you hear this British actor sing, we bet you’ll be signing up to Theo James’ growing fan club. Too bad his band Shere Khan’s no longer playing together. Let’s just hope he decides to start up a solo singing career!


4. James Marsden

Who would’ve thought X-Men‘s Cyclops could sing, right? He gave us a quick taste of his vocals in Ally McBeal, but it was when he starred in Hairspray and Enchanted that he truly blew our socks off. We’d totally shell out some of our savings to hear him crooning to us live.


5. Taye Diggs

There was a time when Taye Diggs and then-wife Idina Menzel ruled the musical scene, complementing each other’s vocal chops in Rent, The Wild Party, and Wicked. Unfortunately, their era has come and gone, but Taye remains as dashing and talented as ever. We’ve got our fingers crossed in the hope we’ll catch him in a Broadway show one day!


6. Zachary Levi

Were you as surprised as we were when we found out that the man behind Chuck Bartowski had a hidden talent? He made us swoon when he sang with Katharine McPhee on her single “Terrified.” Then he did that duet with Mandy Moore as the voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled, and he completely won us over.


7. Hugh Jackman

How could we not have Hugh Jackman on our list? He totally knocked the role of Les Misérables‘ Jean Valjean out of the park—and everyone who’s familiar with that epic musical knows how difficult that is to achieve. He’s known to be just as amazing a performer onstage as he is on film, and again, we dream of watching him live soon.


8. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler’s onscreen persona often seems larger than life, and it appears even more so when he belts out a tune in his deep, powerful voice. His performance as the forbidding Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera gave us goosebumps—he’s just so good!


9. Patrick Wilson

Let’s not forget Gerard’s costar Patrick Wilson, who plays the Phantom’s nemesis, Raoul. He may have been overshadowed by the Gerard’s domineering presence, but there’s no doubt that Patrick possesses singing talent in spades. Just watch as he holds his own while duetting with classically trained singer Emmy Rossum.


10. Skylar Astin

Let’s head into pop territory with Skylar Astin, who’s best known for his appearance in Pitch Perfect. Cute, charming, and seemingly down-to-earth, he’s the type of guy you’d love to have serenading you. We can’t wait until he does his a cappella thing again when Pitch Perfect 2 hits cinemas later this year.


11. Robert Pattinson

Whether you’re a fan or a critic of the Twilight saga, you have to give Edward’s RPattz cred for his unexpectedly good singing voice. Not only did he contribute “Never Think” to the Twilight soundtrack, he also sang in a scene in last year’s The Rover, where he shared screen time with Guy Pearce.


12. Colton Hayes

We don’t know what’s more distracting, Colton Hayes’ chiseled good looks or his record-worthy voice. We have to say, the hot factor of Arrow—and Flash too, for the matter—rose even more when he joined the TV show.


13. Mark Salling

Representing the talented cast of Glee is Mark Salling, who plays their resident player Puck. With his dreamy voice, guitar skills, and cool swagger, it’s no wonder he’s such a hit with the ladies at the fictional William McKinley High School—and in real life.


14. Jared Leto

It seems that whether he’s playing a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club or hitting the stage with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto can’t help but rock. He’s a master at pulling all sorts of emotions through his movies and songs, and we definitely adore him for that.


15. Ewan McGregor

Moulin Rouge!, anyone? In case you’re wondering if he’s been practicing his tenor voice since that internationally acclaimed movie, know that he’s starred in several theater productions including Guys and Dolls in London’s Piccadilly Theater.


16. Ryan Gosling

Did seeing Ryan Gosling’s name on this list wake you up? Yes, this dreamboat of a man sings, as diehard fans probably know well. In fact, he counts for half of indie rock duo Dead Man’s Bones. Ryan and partner Zach Shields released their self-titled album in October 2009. It turns out that Ryan also learned to play several instruments including piano and cello for their record!


17. Jeremy Renner

If you don’t believe that Jeremy Renner can sing, watch the clip above. We did, and it had us shaking our heads in amazement. Then again, you might’ve seen him singing “American Pie” on his way to his deathbed in the film Love Comes to the Executioner. In addition to that, he plays the guitar, drums, and keyboards, and writes songs too. Color us impressed.


18. Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, the human behind Ironman is indeed a singer. RDJ has lent his voice to several soundtracks, and he has an album to his name too, entitled The Futurist. And just in case you’re interested, Jeremy and RDJ aren’t the only Marvel superheroes who can carry a tune. Check out this Youtube video featuring the multitalented cast of The Avengers.


19. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

We remember this Irish actor’s singing in August Rush, but we discovered that he’d also sung in two of his previous roles. It seems that musical talent runs in his family, as all three of his brothers work as professional musicians.


20. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rounding out our list is the lovable Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While he’s more of a producer for his online collaborative company HitRecord, we daresay that we wouldn’t mind hearing him sing more often. That Lady Gaga sure is one lucky woman!


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