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Meet These 5 Modern-Day Filipina Poets

Meet These 5 Modern-Day Filipina Poets

Image by Rachel Knickmeyer via Flickr Creative Commons

We all know that the month of August marks Buwan ng Wika.  Surely, there will be a month-long celebration that aims to increase awareness of our national language, as well as our country’s culture. To join the celebration, we are featuring a list of young Pinays who can turn their deepest thoughts into beautiful pieces of poetry.

1. Abby Orbeta

Abby usually performs with Words Anonymous, a popular group of spoken word artists in Manila. She has written and performed numerous pieces about the struggles of women in a world of double standards. Also, she’s known for this clever piece that calls us to look beyond ourselves:

2. Zuela Herrera

Just like Abby, Zuela is also a performing member of Words Anonymous. She typically graces the stage with heart-wrenching poems that linger long in your memory. Check out this piece in which she collaborated with the indie band SUD:

3. Maki Dela Rosa

Ma. Cecilia “Maki” Dela Rosa is the current president of the writer’s group, Kataga.  Her poems were recognized in various competitions, such as Talaang Ginto 2013 and SP Lopez Literary Competition 2012. Last year, she bagged a Palanca award for her one-act play, Ang Mga Bisita Ni Jean (which was staged at CCP’s Virgin Labfest 2016, as well). Her first collection of poems, Hanggang Doon Na Rin Lang, was also published in the same year.

Maki Dela Rosa's Poetry Book
Photo from Kataga’s Facebook Page

4. Khaila Gurion

Khaila is a Batch 31 member of the Linangan ng Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo (LIRA), the leading organization of poets writing in Filipino. When she’s not crafting poems and collaborating with fellow artists, she’s writing for one of the major broadsheet newspapers in the country.  Check out how Kaila weaves words into this one bold poem:

5. Angela Pamaos

Lapis ArtCom’s Angela Pamaos is currently a senior high school teacher in Filipino. She is known in the spoken word community for her captivating performances and brave pieces. Her passion for the Filipino language is reflected in almost all her pieces, including this one:


See Also

Just because we can’t get enough of Filipino poetry, here’s a poem by Words Anonymous’ Kat Roxas and Louise Meets that resonates with all of us, the Modern Filipinas:

Who’s your favorite Pinay poet today? Share them with us in the comment section!

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