5 Signs You Have a Fast Metabolism

Metabolism refers to everything the body does to keep us alive, from breaking down calories to repairing cells. This set of processes and biochemical reactions are linked closely with nutrition, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc.

It plays a significant role in determining whether a person will accumulate pounds or not. In short, it determines whether a person is quick to gain weight or not, as well as a person’s risk to chronic diseases and fast aging.

How do you know if you have fast metabolism? Here are five signs you should be on the lookout for:

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1. You have low BMI.

A person with fast metabolic rate has a comparatively lower BMI than the desired value, as per the person’s height, age and body type. In short, those who are underweight are most likely to have a faster metabolism than those with normal body mass index or those who are overweight.

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2. You have a high basal body temperature.

A person with fast metabolism commonly feels sweaty and hot all the time, since his or her basal body temperature remains high. This due to the metabolic reactions that quickly happen in the body, creating high temperatures.

When it comes to fat and weight issues, people with a high metabolism might have an easier time keeping weight off.

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3. You feel hungry most of the time.

Despite what was previously mentioned about those with fast metabolism easily keeping weight off, a person with a high metabolism rate is likely to feel hungry all the time, even after three big meals daily and half a box of brownies.

With that said, having a higher metabolism shouldn’t be your health goal. If you have a naturally fast metabolic rate, that’s okay. If you don’t, don’t feel pressured to work on a faster metabolism just so you can eat what you want and not gain weight.

It all depends with your body size, and we recommend that you consult with an expert if you want to work it out properly.

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4. You have an irregular period.

Women with fast metabolism will typically experience an irregular cycle. Their cycle may begin late or last shorter. This is because these girls do not have the needed amount of body fat to start or continue normal menstrual cycles. They look thinner, and they have less energy level just before and after the cycles.

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5. You might have frequent mood swings.

A common misconception about fast metabolism is that it’s ideal and desirable. Although it has its benefits, it has consequences that can be an inconvenience, such as dizziness, trouble with sleep and frequent mood swings.

Having a rapid heart rate and frequent bowel movements are also unpleasant secondary symptoms to a high metabolic rate.

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To women out there seeking ways to lose weight, the secret is balance and not overworking anything.

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