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An unexplainable and horrendous feeling of anger and pain while you crave for a slice of chocolate cake. That monthly roller coaster ride where everything and everyone just seems so wrong… and the only thing you feel is right is YOU.  Yes, you and your raging hormones. What feels like the end of the world.

First you’re happy, then you’re hungry, bloated, sad, hurt, angry, irritated and insert-more-negative-adjectives-here, and suddenly you hate yourself, you feel ugly, and BAM! You see a red spot right in the middle of your face just when you’re about to pitch your next big project at work.

Could things get any worse?

I never knew the reason behind these crazy emotions, which is why I decided to do some research and understand PMS more. I don’t know about you, but I wanted to know exactly what I’m going through and remind myself that ‘it’s not me, it’s my hormones’.


What is PMS?

Post menstrual syndrome basically involves a mixture of symptoms and emotions that 85% women suffer a week before that time of the month. The symptoms can be felt around 5 days before the actual period starts. It affects both the body and the brain with symptoms, such as back pain, headaches, bloating and severe emotional outbursts (suddenly wanting to cry, scream or slap someone, or just wildly mad – sound familiar?).

While the medical world and scientists are still trying to find out what the exact causes of PMS are (yes, it is a mystery to everyone!), it is definitely clear that it is related to the body’s hormonal shifts.


How to Deal with PMS


Chart exactly how you feel during PMS.

This may be tough, but there are a lot of apps out there nowadays that can track your monthly period and make the red life easier for you. I personally use the Monthly Cycles app from the Apple Store, but if you prefer to just jot things down in a personal journal, then feel free to do so. Just make sure you track everything that you feel at least 5 days before you get your period.  Do this for 2 to 3 months and make a note of both your physical and emotional feelings, how severe those feelings are and how long they last.

This journal will help you get to know your body, the symptoms that you are going through and how you can deal with them better. So, keep taking down those notes and make sure to be very specific about what you’re feeling as a whole.


Eat more fruits and vegetables a week before your period.

Think of this as a way to cleanse your body before getting those red flag days. Eat at regular intervals of 3-4 hours to avoid binge-eating and nasty mood swings, as well. Don’t forget to exercise, either! Exercise is actually proven to release happy hormones, so it can help get rid of all of the anger and pain related to your period, too!


Go on a cry-fest.

Let it all out. Bring out the cheesiest movies that you have in your movie library and watch all of them. My personal top no-fail PMS movies are: The Notebook, Jerry Maguire, and P.S.  I Love You.


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Understanding what your raging hormones can do will help you get through PMS with the utmost dignity. Knowing that PMS is happening and knowing what you are capable of during those times will also help you learn how to get through it. Keeping a bar (or a whole box) of chocolate nearby wouldn’t hurt, either, though!

If you want, find a PMS-partner (or PMSP) to help you through the darkest days. This can be your best friend, your crying buddy, your favorite teddybear – anyone who can take all of your rants and tears, and can share in all of your anger and pain. It will definitely help to just let everything out and release those wild hormones whenever possible!

How do you deal with PMS? We’d love to hear your tips! Share them in the comment box below!



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