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Do You Suffer from Irregular Periods? 8 Things to Understand About PCOS

Do You Suffer from Irregular Periods? 8 Things to Understand About PCOS

A Girl in Her Period
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PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, haunts a lot of us. It’s a health problem that affects at least one out of ten women all over the world. And while it may be a common condition among adolescents and adult women, people don’t talk about it enough.

I understand what you’re going through. Been there, still there. If you are reading this and you, too, suffer from the endless hormonal torment that is PCOS, do know that you are not alone.

1. You never really know when you’re going to get your period

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Some girls with PCOS get their periods every three months while others get by a year without it. With PCOS, you’ll never really know. Either you have a tower of unused napkins sitting in your bathroom or you’re panic-running to the Vendo machine to buy one.

2. Pregnancy scares are a common occurrence

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PCOS and being sexually active aren’t a good mix. Unlike girls with regular menstruation cycles, you can never tell when your “safe” zone is just by looking at a calendar. Every time you have sex, you constantly have that strong urge to take pregnancy tests just to be 100% sure you aren’t pregnant.

3. Hair, hair, and more hair

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Girls with PCOS have higher androgen levels, resulting in unwanted body hair. You never go a week without shaving your legs and you get really annoyed with the strands of baby hair on your chin.

4. Losing weight is a challenge

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You’ve been exercising, running, and dancing more than anyone else you know, but you haven’t lost an inch on your waist. What drives you even more insane is that eating a burger could easily add a few pounds to the scale.

5. “You’re so lucky!”

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Yeah, I get that a lot, too. Even if you try to explain to them how awful it could be health-wise, other women still think you have it better than they do. Well, if you say so.

6. Pimples are regular visitors

Pimple Cupcakes
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You’ve had acne so often that pimples don’t even surprise you anymore. It even took you sixty products to figure out which ones worked best for you. Since then, you’ve religiously follow your skin routine because if you don’t, the dreadful breakouts come back.

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7. Cramps? What cramps?

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The good thing about not having periods all the time is not having to feel pain all the time, too. PCOS can get worrisome but you can’t help but feel proud of your reproductive system when your friends constantly complain about their menstrual misery.

8. You feel like a total badass

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You have cysts in your ovary, an utterly confusing menstrual cycle, and a million other things you could complain about, but you make it through each day and still #slay.

Don’t let PCOS stop you from winning at life. If Victoria Beckham can have four beautiful children, a gorgeous husband, and the life of her dreams with PCOS, then so can you.


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