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The ‘Wake Up’ Year: Attracting Luck in the Year of the Fire Rooster

The ‘Wake Up’ Year: Attracting Luck in the Year of the Fire Rooster

Image by i.fernando via Flickr Creative Commons

The last 365 days was a dramatic year. It was a divisive year of the monkey on many levels – politically, socially, economically.

Now it’s 2017 – the year of the Fire Rooster – a powerful year, with no middle ground when it comes to moving forward. It’s where impressions count, and where Rooster traits like loyalty, hard work, commitment and family values will be rewarded. 2017 is known as the “wake up” year.

How will your Chinese Zodiac fare in terms of career, love, and health? Listed below are the highlights of the predictions for the year 2017. Take note that the advice given here should be used with good judgment, as they are based on general predictions.

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People born in the Year of the Rooster possesses many excellent characteristics – they’re honest, ambitious, bright, communicative, and independent. They get enthusiastic about new things, but easily get bored. They’re perfectionists, but make loyal and devoted friends.

It’s your year – but take note that that’s not a good ting. The year of your birth sign is actually the most unlucky year for you in the 12-year cycle. Your career, health, and relationships will not be very good, so be cautious in the months ahead.

Career-wise, don’t make a major decision this year. You may encounter many difficulties at work, including conflicts with colleagues. Be more conservative with your career moves.


Dogs in 2017 should be careful with their relationships, as they may get into unwanted quarrels and misunderstandings. Intelligence might not shield you from being misled, so maintain a low profile and keep a vigilant mind. Watch out for health issues as well.

The good news? There are a lot of good things waiting for you this year in the workplace.


It’s a mixed year for those born in the Year of the Pig. Work won’t be smooth in the first half of 2017, but it will eventually turn better in the second half, with many helpful people lessening your load. Go easy on your relationships, and don’t rush to get committed.


The stars are aligned for you. From a lot of social interaction to good family relations, a good year of fortune lies ahead. Your career might take some time to move forward, however, but you’ll see good progress financially. In addition, take note of your health as you might be prone to illnesses or injuries.


Ox people are also lucky this year, especially when it comes to money. Be cautious of people who want to borrow from you, however, and keep everything balanced. Married couples are also encouraged to have a baby for good luck.


In general, you’ll have an average level of luck in 2017 – no major breakthrough or major disaster. Someone will help you acquire wealth, however, especially if your work involves talking directly to customers.

Make sure to focus on managing your relationships, and work and live with an honest, down-to-earth attitude to attract good luck.


This year is all about your career.

Think twice before making any personal or professional commitment, offer help to co-workers, maintan good connections, and refrain from being too demanding. This will help you gain a greater position in the workplace. Take note of the health of your parents and family members as well.


This year will bring good fortune to those born in the Dragon year. Relationship-wise, 2017 can bring more deft to those in committed relationships, but will make it difficult for singles to find a romantic partner. Your career path is good this year too, and so as your health – just maintain a healthy diet, of course.


This year is full of rewarding twists and exchanges, but with friends, workmates, and relatives. You won’t have much luck in your career, but expect recognition for all the efforts and patience you accumulated in the previous years. This does not mean additional income, however.


2017 is an excellent year for you, but it’s not the time to sit back and relax. Work hard. You’re lucky career-wise and relationship-wise, but do not let anger and impatience get in the way of your fortune. Your regular habits can take a toll on your health as well.


People born in the Year of the Sheep will be blessed with wealth and new relationships. Your family life will be peaceful, and your business or career will be successful.

You’ll possess the rare good luck in love, as long as you deal with your relationships with the opposite sex properly.


It’s a year filled with positive energy and financial gains – as long as you practice discipline and responsibility. Maintain good social relationships as these will help you along the way, and keep a low profile. Travel close to nature to rest, and avoid arguments both in your personal and professional life.

Image by Kit via Flickr Creative Commons

The Year of the Rooster is a year of new beginnings. Be prepared to take on opportunities and overcome challenges – and success and triumph will be waiting for you in the months ahead.

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