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Put That Positive Vibe On: How To Stay On The Optimistic Side

Put That Positive Vibe On: How To Stay On The Optimistic Side

Put That Positive Vibe On: How To Stay On The Optimistic Side

Before you proceed with reading this article, I want to ask you a few questions:

1. Do you smile upon waking up?
2. Do you smile when you see your face in the mirror?
3. Do you smile when you see your family or your friends?
4. Do you smile when it rains?
5. Do you smile upon returning home even after a long and tiring day?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then hooray for you! You must really possess a very happy vibe, in general. However, if you answered no to most of those questions (or even all of them), then it’s high time for you to stop and analyze yourself. Having a grim mood all day everyday simply isn’t good for your health. So, steer clear of those dark clouds above your head and start celebrating the good things in life for a change! See the good in every little thing and you’ll instantly find yourself feeling lighter and happier – believe it!

Here are 3 basic yet highly effective tips on how to become the optimistic woman that you should be:

First of all: smile.

Judging from my previous questions, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the first tip on the list! A happy face is easily reflected through a smile, so even the most simple grin on your face can instantly make you look and feel more radiant and beautiful. Plus, you will get to flex more muscles! To encourage you to smile more, why not start looking for that power lipstick that will really make you feel and look great every day? An instant confidence booster!

Secondly: share your blessings.

The fulfilment that comes with sharing your belongings, talents, time, and effort can truly be gratifying. An act of kindness can definitely go a long way. Plus, this undemanding step is contagious. If you are kind enough to share what you have, people will automatically be attracted to you. They won’t be uneasy or awkward when they know that you are giving. It attracts good vibes.

Lastly: learn to appreciate the little things.

Even the smallest things in your everyday life is worth appreciating. Need more convincing? Appreciate the fact that you’re still alive and breathing, that you have a comfortable bed that you sleep in every night, food to keep you strong, and people that support and love you. Appreciate your garden every time you pass by it, the scent of the morning that tells you that life exists on earth, the times that you bond with your beloved puppy, the way a stranger greets you ‘good morning’ at your favorite coffee shop… The list goes on and on. It’s a simple task, but a very powerful one. See, when you start appreciating things and seeing that there are a lot of things out there to be thankful for, the negative vibes will start to fade away on their own. Trust me.

Start now and see the difference. Once you realize that you always see the rainbow after the rain, you’ll know that you are on the right track to living your life to the fullest.

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