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10 Pinay Bookstagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

10 Pinay Bookstagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

Magazines and Books on Bed
Magazines and Books on Bed
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Whether you’re a bookworm on the hunt for your next read or an Instagram newbie who wants to learn the art of flat lays, you need to check out the cool, colorful, and smart world of bookstagrammers!

This awesome, growing community on Instagram is full of people who take gorgeous shots of their latest literary finds and share their thoughts and #feels on their posts.

Here are some of the Filipina bookstagrammers you should follow right now:

1. @nikkiinwanderland

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Photo from @nikkiinwanderland

With almost 100,000 followers, Nikki is one of the most popular Pinay bookstagrammers—and it isn’t difficult to see why. Just look at how she masterfully creates her shots! You’ll definitely be inspired to read and take shots of your books by simply browsing her Instagram feed.

2. @nerdytalksbookblog

Layout of Photos
Photos from @nerdytalksbookblog

Eunice, the owner of this bookstagram account, knows how to use the white space right! No wonder her feed looks clean and visually stunning. She’s got interesting choices of books, too—and most of her over 35,000 followers agrees with her picks.

3. @thebookmaiden

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Photos from @thebookmaiden

“Back in the summer of 2015, I was just browsing Instagram using the #booksph, and I saw this really stunning photo. I stalked the account and then right there, I was in heaven—the account was gorgeous and full of books,” Tin, aka @thebookmaiden, shared when asked how she got into bookstagramming. For sure, most of Tin’s 14,000 followers also had the same experience when they first saw her bookstagram post.

4. @thebookishhowler

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Photo from @thebookishhowler

With 9,000 followers and counting, Marshal, a 17-year-old bookworm, now has a bit of a following on the bookstagram community. Perhaps, it’s because of her colorful shots matched with playful Funko Pop figures. Check out her feed, today, and see if you agree!

5. @thequeenreads

Photo Layout
Photo from @thequeenreads

“One of the most challenging things about taking pictures for bookstagram is what props to use. I am not that artsy, but what I lack in aesthetic, I make up with content,” Elena shared. She includes a snippet of her insightful book reviews in most of her posts. So, if you’re looking for a bookstagrammer that offers more than a lovely feed, then hit the follow button on @thequeenreads’ account!

6. @cfeecup

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Photo from @cfeecup

Staying true to her Instagram handle, Coleen pampers us with daily photos of books and coffee! Her feed is so enticing to look at; you would definitely crave for a good book and a cup of coffee afterwards. But here’s another great thing about Coleen: she engages well with her over 7,000 followers. Go on and drop a comment in one of her posts, and you’ll likely find yourself having an interesting conversation with her.

7. @leireads

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Photo from @leireads

If you’re a fan of beautifully shot YA books and cutesy socks, then @leireads is perfect for you!  Her charming feed is something you want to look at all afternoon. You better click that follow button on her account so you won’t miss a post from her.

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8. @thenocturnalfey

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Photo from @thenocturnalfrey

For Erika, aka @thenocturnalfrey, bookstagram is more than about taking good photos. “Bookstagram is one of the best marketing channels for the book community, today, so, I use my account as a way to support authors and publishers, other than blogging,” she shared. With her creative shots, short reviews, and commitment to running this account, Erika definitely makes a great contribution to this wonderful book community.

9. @wanderlost.soul

Photo Layout
Photo from @wanderlost.soul

“I’m a very intense perfectionist so when it comes to taking photos, I really put a lot of time into them. Some of my photo shoots lasted for about 5 hours,” Zshavette answered when asked about how she does her shots. Just browse through her feed, and you’ll surely see the hours she put in her work reflect positively on her posts. She has one of the most unique bookstagram accounts I’ve ever seen!

10. @literaryhues

Photo Layout
Photo from @literaryhues

Sayyeda’s bookstagram account splashes with colors! Her feed somewhat transports you into a whole ‘other (vibrant, colorful) world—pretty much like what happens whenever you read a remarkable book. Well, Sayyeda is no stranger to making things come to life. “I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory was Alice in Wonderland being read to me as a bedtime story. At a very young age I was just mesmerized at how it could make my imagination work and make these words come to life,” she shared.


With all of these amazing bookstagrammers, it looks like it’s fun to join their community. Perhaps, you now want to start to run your own account or make browsing #booksph feeds a habit.  Whichever one you decide to do, see you in the world of bookstagram!

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