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5 Reasons You Should Watch the One More Chance Sequel

5 Reasons You Should Watch the One More Chance Sequel

It’s confirmed: the One More Chance sequel is scheduled to hit cinemas in just a couple of days!

Screencap from One More Chance 2/A Second Chance courtesy of Star Cinema
Screencap from One More Chance 2/A Second Chance courtesy of Star Cinema reports that the One More Chance sequel–entitled, A Second Chance–is set to be released in theater in November. The teaser released back in August was a roller coaster ride of emotions: we were thrilled to see Popoy and Basha once again, but at the same time we got major hugot from the intense dramatic scene depicted by the two. Of course, we were totally bitin right after seeing it, and we couldn’t wait to see what the future has in store for the couple. As such, here are five reasons we can’t wait to see the One More Chance sequel:

1. We’ve waited eight years for this.

One More Chance captured our hearts back in 2007, and while the movie allowed us to  glimpse into Popoy and Basha’s happily ever after, it was also kind of bitin. Now that they’ve sorted their own personal struggles and dealt with their own emotions (only to found that they’re really meant for each other), we can’t wait to see what challenges Popoy and Basha will go through next as a couple.

2. We can’t wait to see Popoy and Basha once again.

Popoy and Basha have cemented themselves into the cinematic canon as a memorable couple. We’ve seen them at a different point in our lives–eight years ago, to be exact–and seeing them on-screen once again is rather nostalgic, as if we’re welcoming old friends whom we haven’t seen in a long time.

3. We’re excited for the hugot lines.

Have you seen the teaser? It’s a treasure trove of hugot lines that couples can very well relate to. We’re sure the sequel has lots of quotable quotes that could trump the classic line, “You had at me at my best; she had me at my worst”–and we can’t wait to hear them!

4. Popoy and Basha are still keeping it real–even after eight years.

The teaser gives us a sneak peek of the couple’s married life–which doesn’t seem to be as blissful as we might have imagined. Popoy and Basha are going through the same problems that normal people in relationships go through, and we’re glad that the movie (based on the teaser, at least) decided to keep things real instead of focusing on the couple’s honeymoon, lovey-dovey, pa-tweetums phase–which is an all-too familiar direction that movies take when it comes to depicting married life.

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5. We got a major case of bitin.

We can’t help but wonder if Popoy and Basha are going to be okay, given how intense their argument was on the teaser–and we know that something deeper is bubbling within the two. Will Basha (who obviously looks more frustrated than Popoy) break down and call things off? Will Popoy get a hold of his temper? We can’t wait for November to see what will happen next!

Haven’t seen the teaser yet? Check it out below:

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