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5 Types of People You Meet on Twitter

5 Types of People You Meet on Twitter

The people you meet on Twitter differ every day. Some may make you laugh or teach you something new, while others may just annoy the hell out of you. Those 140 characters can say so much, and these can either lead you to a senseless debate or a magnificent day online.

Image from Jeshoots via Pexels
Image from Jeshoots via Pexels

Your Twitter following can bring you great opportunities, and even terrible mistakes. Do you follow your high school best friend and realize she has totally turned into someone else? We’ve all had similar experiences, and we cannot help but put a palm on our faces.

Let us give you lowdown on the five awesome (or awful) people you meet on Twitter.

1. The Grouch

Whiny and pessimistic, The Grouch complains about everything she comes across with. Whether it was the traffic in EDSA, a chipped nail, or her misspelled Starbucks name, this Tweep barely sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and prefers to have it that way. You attempt to unfollow her, especially when the complaining gets too much, but her mishaps and bitchy updates keep you intrigued. She’s like a bad soap opera you glue your eyes on, every single night.

Superstar GIF c/o Giphy
GIF from Superstar via Giphy

2. The Retweeter

Her timeline is full of retweets from celebrities, news, and inspirational Twitter accounts. Bieber’s latest single, updates on the presidential campaign, and quotes from Thought Catalog are just some of the topics you’ll see on her feed. She barely tweets her own content, because she would rather click on that fancy RT button. This Tweep is far from original, but hardly a copycat, too; she just likes passing information her own way.

The Comeback GIF c/o Giphy
GIF from The Comeback via Giphy

3. The Critical Thinker

This Tweep knows her words and chooses to use them wisely. The Critical Thinker never tweets bluff, because she would rather inform than entertain. Politics and human rights are her favorite topics. She has her own take on feminism and reaches boiling point when murder or racism are on the headlines. This user asks meaningful questions, and discusses astute arguments online. She’s the perfect example of “think before you click.”

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Oprah GIF c/o Giphy
GIF from Oprah via Giphy

4. The Live Updater

You know when she’s on her way home or still drinking with college friends. This Tweep tweets about everything and we mean every single thing that’s happening in her life. Office mate’s a hunk? Sure, she’ll tweet about that. The color of her nails? Of course, you know what it is. She speaks what’s on her mind and types a hundred words per second. Her tweets also come with a photo or video for that ultimate sharing experience. It isn’t bad all the time, except when she spoils the latest episode of your favorite TV show.

Kermit the Frog GIF c/o Giphy
GIF from Muppets via Giphy

5. The Enthusiastic Hashtag User

All of her tweets come with a hashtag: not because they’re relevant, but because she thinks they’re necessary. “#GotMyNewLippie #ItsBrickRed #LoveIt” is just one of her tweets accompanied by a #selfie. She can compose updates just by using hashtags, and still make it significant. The Enthusiastic Hashtag User’s Twitter timeline is extremely blue, while half of her followers are Twitter Bots. She still enjoys the attention though, especially when #blessed is on point.

Brooklyn Nine Nine GIF c/o Giphy
GIF from Brooklyn Nine Nine via Giphy

Encountered these people on your Twitter feed? Don’t worry because you always have a choice. Mute, unfollow, retweet, or engage in conversation for a sensible Twitter visit.

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