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The Dumbest Tweets of 2017

The Dumbest Tweets of 2017

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In early November, an outgoing Twitter employee “accidentally” deleted Donald Trump’s account. The Twittersphere quickly hailed the guy as a hero. But, alas, the celebration was short-lived because 11 minutes later, the POTUS was back in his old, crass online self.

It can’t be argued that he gave us the most bile, most stupid tweets the last few years. But it greatly escalated when he took over the White House. Much to the glee of conservatives and disappointment of liberals. But late night hosts are having the time of their lives, and the best ratings.

How we wish our own man in Malacañang has a Twitter handle, but he prefers to deliver his tirades orally. And while the social media platform is a powerful stage to push worthy causes and spread awareness on important issues, we can’t deny that the dumbest posts dominate our feeds. We, as spectators, cringe and shake our heads. But not without a little…okay a lot of chuckles on the side.

Without further ado, enjoy some of the worst, dumbest tweets we were able to collect in 2017.

Some kind of genius

Brilliant lifehack.

We all know why…

I’ll give you one guess.

This guy just proved math is complicated.

As a matter of fact, we have.

Take it from the Fake News Queen.

JK Rowling disagrees.

Isn’t it Ironic?

Not cool, you guys!

Uhm, wrong symbol.

The smell of rotten privilege.

How about some parenting tip?

Every word of this tweet is wrong.

How to be insensitive

She learned not to mess with K-pop fans.

No, not funny.

Really, now?

Say, what?!

First this…

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woman wearing a filipiniana

And then this. Twinning!

Who says the POTUS is racist?

Orange you glad he’s around? Neither are we.

How about a spell check before posting?

And there’s more…

Do you know where you are?

Mocha, I am your father.

Finally, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Got some more hilarious tweets to share? Post them in the comments below.

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