KC Concepcion’s Top 5 Travel Picks

We got to chat with KC Concepcion at the recent Natural Looks launch, a fragrance and toiletries line from Jordan.

Photo by the author

Photo by the author

Aside from scents and fragrances, we also know for a fact that KC loves traveling, so we asked for her travel recommendations. Here are five places that she thinks every girl should go to:

Photo by author

Photo by the author

1-2. Italy and France

“I really like beautiful things, so Italy and France really top my list,” KC shares. “The language is romantic, the food is really good, and the places there are really beautiful. And I think the people there really have a love for living, so they’re really great places for girls.”

3. Southeast Asia

“And then for the more adventurous ones, go to Southeast Asia. So many eyes are on us, and I’m really proud to be an Asian. For sure, the beaches in the Philippines, like Palawan,” KC says.

4. Turkey

“I personally would also love to see Turkey. I would love to go to Cappadocia and see the hot air balloons there,” KC reveals.

5. Iceland

“I would also love to go to Iceland–I love Bjork, the artist–and I heard that Iceland is really beautiful. There’s nature but there’s also the technology, it’s a really high-tech country. It’s great for chilling and seeing the northern lights,” she adds.

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