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Lifestyle Change: 5 Dog Breeds for Every Modern Filipina

Lifestyle Change: 5 Dog Breeds for Every Modern Filipina

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Everybody wants a best friend, but this doesn’t mean they have to be human. For many, keeping pets as a companion and part of the family is all they need. Pets are lovable, and having them can be a great way to de-stress by simply living with them.

If you want a lifestyle change, getting a pet might be a good idea. Here’s a list of dog breeds you should check out:

Shih Tzu

They’re small and adorable, and you’ll love everything they do. If you want someone to dress up or cuddle with after a long day, this breed should be on your list. Shih Tzus are affectionate, submissive, and loyal. They’re a joyful addition to the family, and you wouldn’t have a problem about excessive loud barking if you’ve trained them properly.

Shiba Inu

Such cute, much doge. If you haven’t seen this famous meme, you’re missing a huge dose of cuteness on the Internet. From a Japanese blog entry “What is for tonight’s dinner?” (今夜のご飯は何ですか?), Kabosu the shiba inu became an Internet sensation. Now, everybody wants one.

If you don’t mind paying local breeders for this adorable fellow, a “much wow” lifestyle will surely be waiting for you. Socialization is important to them, though, so you always have to keep them occupied by going for a walk or giving them interactive toys.


This spitz-type of breed gets along with everyone (other dogs and humans), though they may not be suitable for households with toddlers, as they tend to be possessive of their toys and food. You’ll love their eagerness to learn, though. They’re also sharp-eyed and highly attentive to their surroundings, so despite being only seven to 12 inches tall, they can serve as your small guard dog.

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German Shepherd

Do you want a lovable companion that doubles as a bodyguard? This breed might be right for you. Known as loyal and versatile, German Shepherds are intelligent and easy to train. In fact, you won’t have to worry about them getting along with other dogs. They also prefer daily walks, which can encourage you to stay fit by going out for a jog with them.

Labrador Retriever

If you’re the sporty type, this playful and athletic breed is willing to join you in your adventures. Among all retrievers, the Lab has better adaptability. You don’t have to worry about placing them in different environments. When trained properly, they can also serve as a therapy and guide dog for the blind and people with autism. Shedding might be an issue, but they’re easy to groom and not high maintenance.

Dogs can be a woman’s best friend, too. If you want a change in your everyday routine, why not get one of these breeds for an instant cuddle buddy.

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