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Wedding Etiquette: Turning Off Your Phone Can Be Your Best Gift to the Bride and Groom

Wedding Etiquette: Turning Off Your Phone Can Be Your Best Gift to the Bride and Groom

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Smartphones have taken over most of our lives. Instagram and Snapchat’s 24-hour stories, alongside Facebook’s My Day updates, give our thumbs the urge to press that white circle and upload what’s going on in our lives. This behavior may have prompted the making of unplugged weddings.

So what’s an unplugged wedding?

The Definition

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An unplugged wedding refers to a type of wedding in which the couple asks their family, friends, and guests to turn off their smartphones and any other digital device.

The purpose behind it is to give the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture every moment without any obstruction from the guests.

Some ask wedding guests not to take and upload photos to social media all throughout the ceremony. Others maintain a strict “no photo policy,” at least until after the celebration.

But why do several couples prefer this type of wedding now?

When Guests Become the Photobombers

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There’s nothing wrong with taking photos and posting them on social media. What’s wrong is when you, as a guest, get in the way of the photos while taking a picture. Taking photographs is the hired photographer’s job.

Some couples spend their tight budget on getting a professional photographer to capture moments of their most special day. But when guests get in the way – of the photos – it’s like the couple spent their money for nothing.

Privacy Matters

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For high-profile celebrities like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s understandable to not want digital devices during their celebration. Their guests had no smartphones during the royal wedding and at the late reception held for 200 people.

The need for privacy is universal. Royal or not, some couples prefer it.

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An unplugged wedding promises a more intimate event wherein guests can focus solely on the celebration. This is what a ceremony is all about. It’s not about the hashtags of the wedding – which is another gimmick now – but about the couple and their guests, celebrating the union.

Celebrate in the Moment

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An unplugged wedding reminds everyone to live the present life. It’s easy to be enthralled with social media’s created needs, but nothing beats the feeling of being in the moment.

The term FOMO (fear of missing out) perfectly sums up our desire to stay online all the time. The thing about this need is that you actually miss out more on what is happening before your eyes. You don’t see what’s unfolding because you’re more concerned with getting a unique photo for your Instagram account. You miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime event of your family or friends because you’re too busy filtering and adding effects on your mobile phone.

Putting your phone on “holiday” can be the best wedding gift you can give to a couple. It’s the perfect way to celebrate an inspiring milestone — as it happens.

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