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80s Fashion Trends That Are on Point Today

80s Fashion Trends That Are on Point Today

Image by chrisjtse via Flickr Creative Commons

The 80s was a fun time in fashion, everyone would agree. It may not have been as glamorous as the 20s or as polished as the 50s, but it paved the way for self-expression in the most effervescent, youthful sense. There was no other decade when you could rock neon leg warmers, high-cut leotards, and bright orange lipstick all in one outfit yet still be deemed a style icon.

Jokes aside, there were a lot of things from the 80s that 21st-century fashion gives the nod to. You can make fun of aerobics dance videos all you want, but the bomber jacket you’re wearing wouldn’t have reached mainstream status if Maverick Mitchell hadn’t worn it to pilot school.

Face it: our generation’s eclectic style is what it is today because of these iconic 80s fashion staples that have outlived the years. And this is me, paying homage to them:

High Waisted Light Wash Mom Jeans

In the 80s, they were very particular about the wash. It had to be light powder blue. No navy, no blacks, no indigos. And if you pegged them, you were ten times cooler than your friends.

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

Today, the look is pretty much the same. Millennials pair these jeans with graphic crop tops, pastel-colored sweaters, or button-up shirts. Pretty much anything, basically. Mom jeans put skinny jeans to shame (and to hell with those low-rise jeans!)

Big Earrings

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

Earrings in the 80s came in the most outrageous shapes, colors, and sizes. For a time, that trend was something we wished would never see the light of day again. But lo and behold, it’s the sign of the times once more!

Hoops and tassel earrings are today’s biggest accessory crazes. Now’s a good idea to pull out all the dangling earrings you’ve kept in your jewelry box for so long. Big earrings spruce up plain outfits, and you’ll be sure your friends can spot you from a mile away when you’re wearing them.

Big – like, REALLY big – Hair

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

Farah Fawcett defined the 70s with her puffy and loose waves, but it was in the 80s that hairstyles got out of hand (in the best way possible). The bigger your hair, the better. Both men and women drowned themselves in hairspray to keep their updos still for the rest of the night. Was it worth it? Heck, yeah!

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

Today, messy is beautiful. Hairspray isn’t a thing these days, but for all the curly- and big-haired Pinays out there, let your locks go wild! The disheveled look is here to stay.


Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

The 80s was all about mashing colors together without any care in the world. Red over greens over yellows over purples.  And more often than not, the results were surprisingly fantastic!

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Today, our love for colors is alive as ever. But we have a taste for muted tones, complementary color pairings, and Pantone-esque shades that are easy on the eyes. No more blinding neons that pretty much resembled a pack of highlighters.

Power Suits

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

Brooke Shields led the army of women who took over the world in matching blazers, trousers, and skirts. Women embraced the androgyny that came with wearing a wonderfully tailored suit paired and flaunted their femininity with sharp kitten heels. This was the beginning of the Girl Boss Fashion Trend.

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

Power suits are one of the most fashion-forward things a girl can own. And both fashion and thrift stores have them in all kinds of styles. They come in pastel hues, tartan patterns reminiscent of Heathers (1988), as well as strong boxy shapes that some women think they can never pull off. But, honey, believe me: you can. And you should own it.

The 80s is the new Nostalgia Era. Put on those mini-skirts and leather jackets. This is the perfect time to play a Belinda Carlisle song.

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