2020 is the Year of Minimalist Makeup (or None at All)

Sometimes, less is more (than you know)
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I started 2015 with a makeup bag filled with the “essentials:” foundation, concealer, powder blush, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eye shadow, and two shades (for good measure, of course) of lipstick.

Fast forward to five years later, I started my 2020 with a makeup bag filled with new “essentials:” lip balm, lip tint, a five-month old blush cream, and plenty of sanrio (aka rubber bands).

It’s a drastic change, but I’ve decided it’s time to switch from a full-face of makeup to loving my imperfections with just a dab of lip tint.

Ditching the Other Makeup “Essentials”

For most people, makeup is an art form and a way to amplify your natural beauty. This explains the growing beauty industry: plenty of people buy the latest makeup palettes to express themselves, make themselves prettier, and just flaunt an amplified version of themselves.

Doesn’t look like it, but this look had the complete package (foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.)
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For most people, makeup is an art form and a way to amplify your natural beauty. This explains the growing beauty industry: plenty of people buy the latest makeup palettes to express themselves, make themselves prettier, and just flaunt an amplified version of themselves.

I used to subscribe to this way of life.

I would wake up earlier just to finish my foundation + eye makeup + lip choice of the day before 6:30 AM. Half of my salary would go to makeup sales. Whenever someone in the office would offer cheaper lipstick, I’d be the first person to buy.

But then I got tired.

Putting on makeup is not a taxing activity, but it became a chore. I couldn’t speed things up if I didn’t want to mess up my eyeliner. I would always-redo my foundation if something felt off; plus, I couldn’t pick which blush goes with which lipstick.

But I still wanted to look pretty. And I’m sure you can relate with the struggle.

We want to look the best version of ourselves, but not everyone’s a big fan of the struggle that comes with a full face of makeup. Not everyone’s skin is a big fan of the makeup overload. So how can we strike a balance between the two?

Enter minimalist makeup, aka the no-makeup makeup look.

Minimalist Makeup Starts with Skincare

All you need is a handful of skincare products for flawless skin
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A good skincare regimen is the best way to start your new minimalist makeup routine. This means investing more in good products that help you achieve a balanced complexion. Include products that tone, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin.

Initially, I went haywire with the skincare products.

I bought into the popular Korean 10-step Skincare Routine and spent thousands of pesos. But that didn’t work out as I’d hoped. After much venturing into potential solutions, I discovered I needed only Kojic soap for cleansing, micellar water for toning, and an occasional face mask for hydration. I added sunblock and pimple gel for further protection and treatment.

Since prioritizing skincare, I’ve been enjoying nearly flawless skin (except on red days, ya’ll know that). It has reached a point where I’d be willing to ditch the foundation unless it’s a special occasion.

A Few Makeup Items Won’t Hurt

Trim down your essentials to a couple of basic must-have makeup items
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Of course, a minimalist makeup routine doesn’t mean completely ditching all of your products. Think of it as downsizing.

When creating your minimalist makeup collection, look for:

  • Dual-purpose products (that can take the place of two of the products you use)
  • Products made from natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin
  • High-quality makeup products that won’t smudge or run

A good foundation can still give you that healthy glow, but if you’re after a more minimalist approach, tinted sunblock is a good alternative. BB cream set with a bit of powder can also give you a finished look without layering too much face products.

As for the eyes, kilay is still life. Define your face with shaped eyebrows. Recently, I ditched the eyeliner, which is such a huge change since I’m insecure about my small eyes. But it was such a relief when I could finally rub my eyes without worrying about smudging.

Finally, complete your look with a natural lip color. Protip: you can use your lip product for blush, too. So simply dab this under your cheekbones and blend it out with your fingers. Also, go for a natural lip color that’s one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.

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Wearing Less Makeup in 2020

Eyebrow pencil + lip tint = this simple look in the subway
Photo by the writer

Since switching to the minimalist makeup life, I find myself extremely relieved and, believe it or not, prettier. Sure, I have a couple of zits now and then, but I manage to make it work with skincare. Also, since I’m wearing less makeup, I’m encouraged to appreciate what I have: my small eyes, the acne scars, and so on.

I’m also spending less on products so that’s another huge plus.

This 2020, you can still look more beautiful minus the heavy makeup. Let your natural beauty shine by switching to the minimalist way of makeup.

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