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Self-Care Habits that are Perfect for Your Sign

Self-Care Habits that are Perfect for Your Sign


To those keeping track, we’re now coming close to the two-year anniversary of the Philippines’ lockdown. That’s a looooong time spent in quarantine. If you’re like me, you’re probably suffering from cabin fever (or have been for a while now) but the thought of leaving the house also causes you anxiety. And if the ongoing pandemic has made anything clear, it’s that staying healthy should be everyone’s top priority, which includes your mental health.

Make sure you put yourself first in 2022.

Here are some self-care ideas you can try according to your star sign.

Aries – Fitness Class Subscription

Aries love competition and pushing themselves to the limit. This is why they thrive in group fitness classes like spin, Peleton, or CrossFit.

As an Aries woman, working out not only helps you stay physically fit, but it also helps boost endorphins to cope with whatever stressors you may be facing.

Taurus – Scented Candles

Much like your star sign, the bull, Taurus girls are known for being hardworking and dependable. After all the effort you put into every aspect of your life, you more than deserve to let loose and relax. Unwind after a tough day hustling by lighting some scented candles or diffusing your favorite essential oils.

Gemini – Wine Subscription

Geminis get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

You live for spontaneity and are always looking for a way to shake up your routine. Treat yourself to a wine subscription or have sommeliers (that’s professional wine tasters in fancy speak) find you a new bottle of wine to try out.

Cancer – Meditation

The most emotional and intuitive of the signs, Cancerians may find all the crises around the world to be overwhelming.

To regain balance and composure, try dedicating 10 minutes of your day to meditation. This allows you to start (or end) each day fresh and helps you regain your emotional footing.

Leo – Power Naps

Leos are go-getters and tend to go all out when doing tasks for themselves or for others.

Because you’re always ready to help others, you tend to feel drained by the end of it all. A quick midday siesta can help you regain some of that strength you’re known for.

Virgo – DIY Project

Ever-industrious Virgos love solving problems and making things pretty.

You can use your keen eye for detail in a DIY project you’ve always been thinking of. You most likely have a ton of saved IG posts or TikToks on your phone, so 2022 is the year to finally get started on it! Whether that’s redecorating your room or sewing your own dress, you’re only really limited by your boundless creativity.

Libra – Bullet Journaling

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are obsessed with love, beauty, and perfection.

You like things that stimulate your mind and get you thinking. Channel this energy in a positive manner by taking up bullet journaling. This allows you to restore a sense of balance to your life while also giving you the opportunity to make it as beautiful as possible.

Scorpio – Counseling

Much like its sign, the scorpions, Scorpio women have a thick outer shell that can be difficult to get through.

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You find it difficult to be vulnerable and connect with your emotions. Bottling up your feelings can cause you to feel enormous pressure from the inside. This year, why not try going to a counselor or a therapist to unload some of these bottled-up feelings? It can boost your emotional and mental well-being, and will greatly benefit your relationships.

Sagittarius – Photo Walk

For the adventurous Sagittarius, you’re surely feeling some level of wanderlust right now. While it doesn’t look like traveling to foreign countries is possible anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you can’t do any exploring!

Take your camera (whether that’s your phone, a mirrorless camera, or a DSLR) out for a walk around your neighborhood (don’t forget to mask up!) You’ll be surprised by the things you miss on a daily basis. If you’re feeling up for it, you can go a bit further to idyllic spots like Intramuros or Binondo for your photo walk.

Capricorn – Biking

Natural introverts, Capricorns like doing things you can do alone. Headstrong and feisty, you like physical activities that push your limits. Why not try running or even biking to get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing? These activities allow you to be in control and practice discipline — two things you value above all else.

Aquarius – A Hot Bath

Also called the “water bearer,” Aquarius draw a lot of their strength from water-related activities.

Whenever you feel like you need a little TLC, draw yourself a hot bath with Epsom salt, essential oils, or your favorite bath bomb. Don’t have a bathtub at home? No problem. You can still have a luxurious shower ritual. Just tie a few branches of eucalyptus or lavender (or both) to your shower head. The steam from the hot water allows the essential oils from the branches to escape and permeate the air. So relaxing!

Pisces – Pedicure

Pisceans are ruled by their feet, which is why you love pampering your toes! Regular pedicures and foot spas are a must in your monthly routine. Painting your nails is also one way to show your inherent creativity! If you find you need a little pick-me-up in between pedicure appointments, you can try massaging your feet with aromatherapeutic massage oils or creams.

In today’s world that measures value in terms of productivity, setting aside time for ourselves seems like a waste. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you constantly need to work in order to be worthy. Pamper yourself simply for existing whenever you feel like it. Trust us, there is nothing selfish about self-care!

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