5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Piercing

Just like tattoos, piercings are something you probably once dreamt of having. Now that you’re old enough to decide for yourself, maybe you’ve revisited the thought and are actually considering going for it. But as cool as it might look—and we’ll admit the range of bling available to those with piercings highlight your individuality and uniqueness—there are a few things you should think about before going under the needle. And these aren’t just related to whether or not you should get the piercing at all, but perhaps where you may want to get them as well. We’ve listed a few of these considerations below.

Image from Flickr.com Creative Commons

Image from Rafa Puerta via Flickr.com Creative Commons


1. Health Issues

Your body is your own, and you should know whether you are healthy enough to get parts of it pierced. There are known metal allergies you may have that can make your body react badly to piercings. So know your body well enough to know which kind of metal will not be irritable or unhealthy for you.

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Image from Joe via  Flickr.com Creative Commons


2. The Pain

Is your pain threshold low? Are you afraid of not being able to bear the pain? The only way to find out is through research, both by interviews and online. Nothing can ever prepare you for the pain, but if you want it bad enough, then you can probably sit through it. There’s also a site that gives you an inkling on how much it would hurt for each body part, which could help you make your decision.

Image from Flickr.com Creative Commons

Image from G. Sayour via Flickr.com Creative Commons


3. Lifestyle Suitability

While you may embrace your inner badass and want to bring it out on your skin through a piercing, consider the impressions you’ll be leaving on the people you meet, particularly as this relates to your career. Will the piercing work to your advantage? Or will it only give you a hard time to get to that career point you want to achieve? While a body piercing is not bad in itself, some people have a not so good perception of people who have it. Some of the more adventurous piercings may also run contrary to company policies on corporate dressing.

Image from IMorpheus via Flickr Creative Commons

Image from IMorpheus via Flickr Creative Commons


4. Maintenance

All bodily procedures need looking after. If you’re worried your piercing would need a lot of attention and care—more, perhaps, than you have the time or inclination to give it—then you should get to know the different maintenance methods for each type of piercing (these will be different depending on where they are, like getting your lobes pierced will require less care than, say, a tongue piercing). And make sure you can handle the maintenance and care it requires.

Image from Flickr.com Creative Commons

Image from Marine B via Flickr.com Creative Commons


5. Healing Time

All wounds heal, in time. But how long will your piercing’s wound heal? Expect for this to vary with each body part. In addition, if you don’t have time to accommodate the right amount of resting time for each part, then it is best to revisit this thought at a better time when you can give it the adequate amount of attention and care.

Image from girl/afraid via Flickr Creative Commons

Image from girl/afraid via Flickr Creative Commons


All ready to get that piercing? A last word of advice: Make sure you get this done at a reputable establishment with good hygienic practices. The last thing you want is for your piercing to get infected.

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