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5 Tricks to Make Your Hair Grow Faster, According to Science

5 Tricks to Make Your Hair Grow Faster, According to Science


The internet has been screaming Anya Taylor-Joy’s name since “The Queen’s Gambit” hit Netflix. And every time I see her face on social media, I think “How is her hair so long and yet so healthy?”

So I looked up ways to make your hair grow faster without that limp, lifeless vibe. And these aren’t just baseless life hacks – they’re backed by science. If you’re interested in having tresses as long and glorious as Anya, Modern Filipina’s got you.

  1. Focus on scalp care

Fast hair growth begins at the roots, so scalp care using essential oils and masks to promote moisture is a crucial step. Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Pay better attention to your scalp because this is where your hair follicles and glands are, all of which determine how your hair grows. When you’re taking care of your scalp, you’re ensuring that your hair follicles are getting the blood and nutrients they need. This helps minimize hair shedding, making it easier to achieve the length you want.

Introduce proper scalp care in your hair care routine. This involves scalp oils and masks that have a lot of moisture. The goal is to keep your scalp hydrated, because a dry scalp can lead to dry, breakable hair.

Also, don’t use shampoo every day. This strips your scalp of its natural oils and causes dryness. If you’re considering using a hair grower shampoo, choose one that’s hydrating to bring back moisture in your hair and scalp.

A scalp massage is also an easy way to encourage faster hair growth. It increases the blood flow to your scalp, delivering nutrients to your follicles faster.

  1. Try caffeine-infused products

Look for hair growers containing caffeine because it can slow down hair loss and promote regrowth. Photo by Grisha Chernigowsky from Pexels

Although the concept needs further exploration, available research says that caffeine has healthy benefits for your hair. Some studies suggest that applying coffee directly onto your scalp can slow hair loss and promote regrowth.

Caffeine also improves the appearance and texture of the strands, making your hair look bouncier and healthier.

We’re not telling you to massage coffee grounds onto your scalp. That’s actually a bad idea, since the grounds are abrasive and can dry out your scalp. Look for hair products infused with caffeine, such as shampoos, serums, and leave-in conditioners.

  1. Give up smoking

How do you make your hair grow faster without the big expense? Ditch the cigarettes because smoking blocks circulation to hair follicles. Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

It’s time you quit smoking for good. Smoking brings a slew of negative effects on your body, including hair loss. The chemicals from the cigarette can shrink your blood vessels, blocking the circulation to your hair follicles. Eventually, your hair growth will slow down, which can lead to hair loss.

If you’re really keen on growing out your hair, you may want to give up smoking for good.

  1. Avoid hot styling tools

Other than using hair grower shampoo, try to avoid hot styling tools. Although convenient for the most part, hair dryers and straigtheners weaken and dry out hair, making it harder to grow your hair fast. Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels

It’s OK to use hot styling tools every now and again. But if you’re using them on the daily, the heat can fry and weaken your hair. Weak, dry hair is more prone to breakage, making it difficult to achieve the length you want. So lay off the curler and blow-dryer if you want longer tresses.

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If you need to use a hot styling tool, use it on the lowest temperature setting to minimize heat exposure. Using a heat protectant product also helps reduce the risk of heat damage, according to hair experts.

  1. Watch your diet

A natural approach to hair growth is eating healthy. Choose protein-rich food since deficiency in this mineral is linked to hair loss. Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels

The bottom line is that if your body’s healthy, your hair grows healthy. First, avoid restrictive dieting, such as no-carb or no-fat diets. Leaving out certain macro and micronutrients in your diet can deprive your body of the resources it requires for hair growth.

The key is to keep everything in moderation. Yes, you can consume calories and carbs and fats, as long as you don’t go overboard. But if you want to encourage hair growth, load up on your proteins and fatty acids.

Protein is critical to hair growth because your hair follicles are mostly made of protein. A protein-deficient diet has been linked to hair loss. In fact, keratin, the ingredient often found in hair supplements, is a type of protein.

Healthy fats, on the other hand, jumpstart hair growth. Fatty acids, specifically omega-3, nourish the hair follicles, encouraging the growth of strong, shiny strands.

Ultimately, the best way to grow your hair faster is to take better care of your body. Eating right, ditching unhealthy habits, and loading up on vitamins and minerals – these are smarter, nutritionist-approved ways of encouraging healthy hair growth.

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