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This Overlooked Hair Care Routine Can Solve Many of Your Hair Problems

This Overlooked Hair Care Routine Can Solve Many of Your Hair Problems

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One hair care routine can make or break the look and feel of your crowning glory Photo by Isadora Menezes on Pexels

A hair conditioner is an often overlooked hair care practice. Many Filipinas choose to skip it in favor of other hair care products that they can apply after taking a shower. They fixate on the supposed cons of using hair conditioners (e.g., weighs down the hair, makes the scalp feel greasy) that they’ve lost sight of the benefits they offer:

Moisturizes hair

Shampoo strips away moisture; hair conditioner replenishes it. This is the main purpose of hair conditioners.

Restores hair’s natural shine and vigor

Hair conditioners coat and strengthen the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of a hair follicle. The cuticle is prone to damage; it breaks when the hair is exposed to extreme heat, friction, pollution, and humidity. When the cuticles are damaged, hair strands become weak and coarse. They break easily and, at the very least, look and feel dry.  Applying hair conditioner remedies this issue. Besides making hair stronger, it restores its natural smoothness and shine.

Makes hair more manageable

Take Patricia’s word for it: intense moisturizing makes her hair manageable even while swimming and biking.

Photo from Patricia Henson’s Instagram account

Moisturized and revitalized hair are soft, tame, and easy to manage. This makes hair conditioners a godsend for Modern Filipinas who don’t have all the time in the world to style their hair every morning. By addressing the roots of bad hair days (which are often dryness and frizziness), they make your hair manageable even as you take on vigorous activities.


Protects hair from the unpredictable weather

Ms. International 2018 Ahtisa’s curly locks stay protected from weather damage, thanks to her hair conditioner routine.

Photo from Ahtisa Manalo’s Instagram account

In the Philippines, it rains one moment, then sunny the next. And when you’re traveling, you experience various climates you’re not used to. These changes in the weather take a toll on your mane, and dry, breakable hair tends to be more vulnerable to damage. Conditioners keep your hair well-hydrated, making it stronger and healthier regardless of the climate.


But First: Choose the Hair Conditioner that Meets Your Needs

Lexi proves that one simple solution can solve her hair problems.

Photo from Lexi Mendiola’s Instagram account


Hair conditioners aren’t created equal. The brands you find in the supermarkets today have different formulations and offer various benefits. Some focus on hydration and shine, others on straightening hair. This is yet another reason some women don’t bother with hair conditioners: many brands address just one or two hair problems.

The key is finding a hair conditioner that suits your hair and makes no compromises.

For instance, Instagram It Girl Lexi Mendiola kept her wavy locks fresh and manageable, even in Jakarta’s hot and humid weather — all thanks to Cream Silk’s Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner. With its water-based gel formulation, this hair conditioner promises to give users a light, non-greasy feeling. Hydra-Fresh can make hair feel clean, soft, light, and bouncy all at once. Now that’s what we mean by a hair conditioner that leaves no compromises!

How to Use Your Hair Conditioner to Reap Maximum Benefits

With regular use of hair conditioner, you can finally shake your hair lose whenever you want Photo by Geronimo Giqueaux on Unsplash

All things considered, many Filipinas are missing out on the benefits of hair conditioners. A lot of girls choose to skip this step because it makes their hair feel greasy or heavy. But the secret to getting the maximum effect of hair conditioners starts with your routine.

When used correctly, hair conditioner can do wonders to your hair. As Nicole puts it, “Everything is perfect.”

Photo from Nicole Cordoves’ Instagram account

We’d like to help as many peers as possible with regards to hair care, so allow us to offer some tips on how to make the most of hair conditioners.

Use it after shampooing

Although there’s plenty of debate as to how often you should use hair conditioners, the principle is that they restore the moisture and shine that commercial shampoo strips off. So if you shampoo every day, logic dictates that you need to condition just as often. The key is to observe your hair and scalp’s response to hair conditioners, and then to adjust your routine accordingly.

Apply hair conditioner evenly

Clumping and greasiness happen when you apply too much hair conditioner near your scalp. It aggravates the oil glands and focuses the hydration on an isolated area instead of all over your hair. The best way to apply it is to lather a good amount on your fingers then gently combing them through your hair. The long strokes allow you to apply the product evenly, all the way to the ends of your hair.

Let your hair absorb its nourishing goodness

Squeeze out the excess water from your hair before applying the conditioner. Hair experts believe excessive water can dilute the effects of a hair conditioning product. Afterward, apply the product and let it sit on your hair for two to three minutes. Hair experts believe that’s enough time to allow the hair conditioner’s active ingredients penetrate the hair follicles.

Rinse thoroughly

Complaints about hair conditioners causing dandruff are often because of inadequate rinsing. Unless the product is a leave-on, you should wash it all off to avoid flaking, itchiness, dryness, and clumping. Some women even experience acne or pimple breakouts on their foreheads, cheeks, and neck when traces of hair conditioner remain long after their shower.

Spare yourself these aggravations by simply rinsing your hair thoroughly with easy-rinse conditioners. These are perfect for on-the-go girls who don’t have a lot of time for extensive routines in the morning.

With the right hair conditioner and its correct usage, you can address more than one hair problem at once and enjoy great hair anytime, anywhere.


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