Isn’t there a famous line (by me) that says, “Every woman’s handbag is like magic, a lost and found department, and Narnia itself.” Don’t you agree? It’s magic because it can hold every kakikayan imaginable. It’s a lost and found department – a sink hole. It’s Narnia where things actually disappear and appear out of nowhere.

That being said, don’t you hate it when you can’t find something you need in your handbag when you need it the most?  Yes? Fret no more, here’s a handy list of things that a woman should always have in her purse (besides the obvious things, of course, like your phone and wallet).

10. Lipgloss/Lipstick

Photo from Sendo

Photo from Sendo

Cause who likes looking pale? Besides, a woman’s smile is her greatest accessory and a little touch-up can make a big difference! Who doesn’t feel more confident after applying that stick of color?

9. Sanitizer

10 Things That Every Modern Filipina's Purse Should Have

Photo from Why Not Aloe

Hand sanitizers are really useful if there is no running water in the washroom or, even worse, when there is no washroom in sight. It’s great for use after riding the MRT, too… those handrails are sticky. Keep your hands grime-free!

8. Tissue

10 Things That Every Modern Filipina's Purse Should Have

Photo from Centradaenti

For wiping… stuff. Number 1 or Number 2, take your pick… useful for both! And also, for hygiene. Not all bathrooms are clean.

7. Oil Control Film

Avoid looking haggard by keeping oil control film in your purse. This film can absorb excess oil from your face (thank God!) and make you look fresher and cleaner anytime of the day.

6. Blush

10 Things That Every Modern Filipina's Purse Should Have

Photo from Terra

You need some glow and colour on your cheeks. Just remember to pick the right shade for an effortless and natural look. Perfect for emergency night outs.

5. Sanitary napkins

Yeah, red days sucks. It’s good to be prepared, whether you have erratic period schedules or are on the dot, though. It saves you a lot of hassle when the bitch (a.k.a. your period) arrives.

4. Pen (and Paper)

You may be surprised at how handy a pen and paper can be. Like when you need to fill out forms… or raffle stubs. You know the competition to get a pen in those situations. You can also use a pen when it’s not safe to bring out your phone and you need to take note of something. Do it old style.

3. Pepper Spray

For protection and self defense, ladies… especially those who take public transportation on a regular basis or have a night shift in the office.

2. Hairclips and Hairties

10 Things That Every Modern Filipina's Purse Should Have

Photo from Blogspot

Not all of us are blessed with constant good hair days. We have to accept that our hair will win over us every now and then, but this does not mean we can’t be cute on those off days. Tie your hair in a bun of if it doesn’t cooperate, clip it up!

1. Safety Pins

Girl, you wouldn’t want to be in the middle of wardrobe malfunction in some random or important place. Imagine a button popping off your blouse right before an important presentation. Que horror! Safety pins are our best friends (aside from diamonds, that is). They can save you a lot of embarrassment in many situations. Keep ’em around!

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