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Light and Natural: Black Pearl Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum

Light and Natural: Black Pearl Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum

Black Pearl Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum
Black Pearl Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum
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I’m in my late twenties — as someone who once thought that anyone over 30 is an “old person”, you do start worrying about wrinkles and sallow skin as you approach the “The Big Three-Oh”. Luckily, there are thousands of anti-aging products out on the market, from face masks, to moisturizers, to face serums.

While I am no stranger to face care, my routine is relatively simple and uncomplicated — I use a facial wash and follow it up with a moisturizer before bed. Sometimes, I use face masks if I have some extra time during the weekend. I have a normal skin type with a moderately oily T-zone, so I can get by with a low maintenance routine.

I have been looking for ways to upgrade my facial care routine, however. When I got to try the Black Pearl Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum, I jumped on the chance to add a new step to my skin care regimen.

What is in it?

Black Pearl Ingredients
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Face serums may look like a lotion, but are designed to have a much higher concentration of active ingredients than other types of creams. They lack the heavy emollients found in regular moisturizers, allowing beauty companies to pack them with more of the good stuff — in this case, pearl powder, seaweed, and Dead Sea Salt (Also called Maris Sal). This serum also contains other nourishing ingredients, such as avocado oil, evening primrose oil, and sodium hyaluronate, which helps improve skin elasticity and prevent signs of aging.

All of these ingredients work together to tighten and improve the tone and texture of the skin, which is why this product is called a “contouring” face and eye serum. I like that the cream is made of natural ingredients, paraben-free, and that it was not tested on animals (Always go cruelty free!).

Trying it out

Black Pearl’s Cream Serum
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Black Pearl’s cream serum comes in a black and silver pump dispenser, encased in a nifty holographic box. All of Black Pearl’s products are luxurious, and this one was no exception. The dispenser has a highly mirrored effect, which makes it look good sitting on your vanity table.

The instructions say that you need to apply the product to a clean face, gently massaging it onto the skin. As serum, you are supposed to apply it before you apply your moisturizer.

At first, I was worried that it would have an oily feel because of all the oil-based ingredients in the serum, but after trying it on, I found that it had a very light texture that left just a mild sheen. It took just two pumps to cover my whole face, so I think that a bottle of this stuff will likely last you a long time.

Applying it felt like applying any other moisturizer — it’s so simple and easy to use. I also applied it around my eyes, and did not experience any irritation. This is important, because most types of facial creams are not eye safe and should not be applied to that area.

The Scent

I don’t usually like scented products because I am sensitive to strong scents, but Black Pearl Contouring Face Serum has a mild, pleasant fragrance. It’s green and floral, with a hint of musk. The scent dissipates quickly after application, which is great, because it won’t overpower or mix with the scent of your moisturizer, which you will still have to apply after.

The Outcome

After massaging it on my skin, I found that that the Black Pearl Contouring cream absorbed into my skin quickly, leaving it soft, supple, and smooth. It literally feels like vitamins for your face!

On the box, it says that it is suitable for all skin types, which is great. It has high quality, natural ingredients that are well known for their skin benefits. After all, it includes crushed pearl powder AND salt brought all the way from the Dead Sea in Israel — how cool is that?

I have a normal skin type, so I am not sure how it will work for people who are acne prone, but since the formula itself is not oily or drying, I think it is a good choice for anyone who wants to have a truly nourishing face serum.

Will I Use it Again?

Black Pearl Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum Front Cover
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I definitely would!

It is very easy to incorporate into your daily beauty routine and its light texture makes it great even when used in the morning. I love how it makes my skin feel soft and supple — you can really feel that it uses high quality ingredients.

It may take some time before I see any actual signs of aging, as I am still pretty young, but with creams like this, I am not that worried.


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