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A New Bathing Experience: Have Fun in the Shower with The Cream Factory

A New Bathing Experience: Have Fun in the Shower with The Cream Factory

Have Fun under the Shower with The Cream Factory

Bathing is a routine for practically every Modern Filipina. Most of the time, we clean up at the same time every morning (and/or night), use the same products, rinse off, dry up and get dressed. Aren’t you sick of being stuck with the usual bath products, though? Don’t you feel like you need something that will excite your senses enough to make sure you have a great day everyday before it even starts?

Enter The Cream Factory. Made with real goat’s milk and 100% botanical essences, you’re sure your skin will be treated with the utmost care.

The products of The Cream Factory will definitely change the way you take your baths. They have rich, creamy and thick formulas unlike other brands. By its consistency alone, you’ll already feel that it’s really moisturizing and non-drying for the skin. Plus, it lathers quickly with just a few drops on your bath sponge. It’s so foamy, I even play with it the way I used to play during bath time in my childhood days!

The scent is delicious, too! “Dessert for the skin” for real! With their 12 luxurious and wonderfully scented varieties of products, you have the choice to decide what to use on different days of the week (yay to these yummy selections!). I use the Goat Milk and Avocado variant to wash my impurities away, and I can’t help but smile and feel happy every time that I do.

The scrub version really does its business of sloughing rough patches and dead cells off my skin, as well. Plus, the whiff of cinnamon reminds me of dessert! I also discovered that other The Cream Factory users’ testaments hold true: their products will leave you feeling so yummy, you’ll look forward to your next shower sesh for more pampering.

The bottle of The Cream Factory bath cream reminds me of milk bottles that I see on TV, which I find very cute! The packaging looks so attractive that you won’t think twice about picking it up from the shelves. It’s also nice that they have smaller bottles, so you can buy several different varieties until you figure out which one you love the most.

Once you find one that you wouldn’t mind using over and over again (like I did!), a small bottle will no longer be enough, though. While a small dollop is usually enough for a single shower, a small bottle may only last you a few weeks. Though it is quite pricey for an everyday bath cream, every peso is worth it in my opinion.

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Overall, I think The Cream Factory is one discovery you’ll want to keep for yourself forever. However, you probably won’t because, like me, you will want to share this lavish experience with your loved ones and have them soak themselves in yumminess, too. What I love most about it is that their products don’t make my skin feel sticky, but velvety soft and fresh instead. It’s a really comforting and relaxing experience everytime I take a bath with The Cream Factory. In fact, ever since I started using The Cream Factory, bath time is no longer just a habit. It has become a treat that I look forward to every single day.

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  • I want to win The Cream Factory Bathtime Goodies cause I want to try them out, and see what are the effects of using goat’s milk for my skin, and also cause I want to see for myself how cinnamon can work as a bathtime buddy for my skin. 🙂

  • i want to win this so i can try it and compare with the body wash and shower gels that i’ve used 🙂 i use them alternately with my soaps because of their luxurious scents and different feels 🙂 this bath cream would surely be a delight to try 🙂

  • I want to win because I want to feel and see it myself why this products is soooo patok among my friends and bloggers. It must be really good! 🙂

  • I would love to try these bath creams. I’ve just recently discovered bath products other than the usual soap. Dessert for the skin is an interesting concept. Hope I get to try it. 🙂

  • i want to win because i want to try something new in my bathing routine. i like the cream factory because it is made by 100% natural ingredients that surely will not harm my sensitive skin.

  • My skin is very sensitive and I’m highly allergic to fragrances. I’m looking for natural and milky products in the market =) I love taking baths and I think bathing in this won’t dry my skin as well.

  • I would like to win to experience the lavishness of soft and silky feeling of Cream Factory so excited to try this..

  • I want to win because I haven’t try the Cream Factory bath cream which I heard is perfect for people who have sensitive skin like mine! 🙂

  • I want to win because I haven’t tried The Cream Factory yet, and your review made me want to!! Especially about having different scents. You can play around or choose one depending on your mood.

  • I want to win this and try the other variant of The Cream Factory and experience a whole new level of smoothness and freshness in every bath.

  • I want to win because I haven’t tried the Cream factory. I have heard reviews about this and it is very good especially to sensitive skin!

  • i’ve heard so much about this product, a lot been raving to try including me, some even gave their good reviews, but then i can’t afford to buy it, i guess this is my chance to bag these goodies… then i’ll be happy , thanks for the chance

  • I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about Cream Factory products and I want to experience what this product can do to my skin : )

  • im a third year student, actually cream factory soap is my thesis title and i know that this is a new product, its hard for me to determine the marketability of this product, and the information is limited, i just want to ask a favor can you gave me an additonal information regarding this product,
    and also me myself is the first person who will use one of your product before i. its a big opportunity for me cause i think ill be the first one who will conduct this kind of product, thank you i hope you can add additional info.

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