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LDR with Your BFF Can Work, Here’s How

LDR with Your BFF Can Work, Here’s How

Best Friends
Best Friends
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I get it, your best friend’s leaving, and you feel like your world’s about to fall apart. Don’t worry, Beshy, I was in the same situation almost seven years ago, and I still remember exactly how it felt.

So. Much. Feels.

Saying Goodbye
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You’re happy for her, but you’re sad because you’ll be alone. You know you’ll be okay when she leaves but…you don’t know where and how to start.

The day she leaves may be the hardest part. You’re used to seeing each other every day, talking until the wee hours of the night, and in a snap – all is gone. You’ll feel lost, alone, sad.

But, you don’t need to feel this way. There are many ways to connect with your best friend, your soul sister, your partner in crime.

Technology Will Save You

Text Messaging
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The countless ways of connecting with your best friend sum up to one word: technology. Yes, thank you Facetime, iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, IG Stories – you helped save relationships even when they’re 7,297 miles apart.

Keep Talking

Long Distance Friendship
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They say it’s best to set “dates” with your best friend – a time and day in a week when you’ll talk and catch up. My best friend and I? We don’t set a specific day and time, but we do send each other messages regularly. When we still lived in the same city, we used to send each other random words or phrases only we could understand. That didn’t stop, now that we live in two different continents.

You can try and set dates with your best friend every week or every month, but keep in mind that you live in two different countries, where the time zone is your ultimate enemy. Simple messages that you used to send each other will do, the important thing is to keep the communication going.

Distance, Timezone, and Everything in Between

Pinky Promise
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Distance isn’t supposed to be painful. Yes, yes, I know I sound crazy. But we can all find ways to make LDRs work. Send each other photos whenever you find something that reminds you of them. Let her know when something good or bad happens, no matter how emotional it is. Send them gifts whenever possible (pizza delivery never fails!). And even if you aren’t physically together, always support each other. Be each other’s twin. Show them that nothing changes. Then, when you see each other again, it’ll be like you were never apart.

No matter how hard it is, don’t let distance get in the way. Ya know what they say, Beshy – Best Friends Forever. Pinky Promise.

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