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Meet the Parents this Christmas: Winning His Mom & Dad’s Heart

Meet the Parents this Christmas: Winning His Mom & Dad’s Heart

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When the boyfriend says, “I think it’s time for you to meet my parents” this holiday season, it’s only natural to gulp. After all, meeting the parents is a big step in your relationship. For it to happen this Christmas — aka the season of fiestas and endless family gatherings, it adds an extra dose of special to the event.

Meeting his parents is a big deal, and you want that to go smoothly. First impressions matter. If you want your significant other’s Mom and Dad to take a liking to you, preparation is necessary. Awkward downtimes, unfamiliar traditions, and meeting new people can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

So how can you impress the BF’s parents this Christmas?

Talk to Your Partner First

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It helps to know about his family before you go. What should you know about his parents? Is his mom the protective type? What are his dad’s interests? Ask him the basics and express your worries so both of you can manage each other’s expectations. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner about your worries. He can also help you settle those concerns.

Bring a Present

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No one requires you to bring gifts, but showing up empty-handed can be a turn-off for some families. Don’t forget to bring the family something nice. Typical Christmas gifts are fruit baskets, wine, or food. If you are willing to go the extra mile, brings gifts for each member of the family.

Always Offer Help

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Christmas is a busy time for everybody, and his family is not an exception. Always be ready to extend a helping hand when you’re at their home. If the kitchen requires an extra person to peel or chop the vegetables, be that girl. Offer to clear the table after meals, assist with the cooking, handle the presents — small gestures will go a long way.

If the family tells you not to worry about these things, feel free to relax, but keep in mind that making an effort speaks volumes about yourself.

Impressing His Mom

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Mom’s have a different and very special bond with their sons—especially if he’s the only boy in the bunch. His mother is one of the people you have to win over. With moms who are protective of their sons, it can be complicated. Combining respect and charm, however, might be just what you need.

Spend more time with his mom and bond your shared love for her son. Ask more about your partner, have her show photos of your man when he was a kid, and ask for family recipes.

Don’t Try Too Hard

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Sure, you want to impress them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself. Don’t be someone you’re not. Show them your natural and quirky side, but still be respectful and polite. To ensure a good conversation while still being yourself, keep your personal filter active. Answer the questions they ask and refrain from over-sharing.

Your boyfriend’s parents are vital factors in his life and meeting them is a privilege for you. It’s only natural for you to worry, but keep in mind: if he likes you the way you are, so will his family. Just be yourself, be polite, and have fun with your potential in-laws *wink.*

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