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In-Demand Skills to Get You a Job in 2020

In-Demand Skills to Get You a Job in 2020


The job market can never be in a state of limbo; it constantly evolves. There are millions of aspirants vying for a particular profile. The skills that were high in demand last year have been obsolete in 2020. So, how will you secure your place in this ever-evolving and competitive age? Here, the trick is to figure out what skills employers seek in the candidates at present and update yourself accordingly. It will help increase your chances of succeeding. No matter what your career objectives are for this year – starting a new job, taking on a bigger project, leading a team, or any such things – learning in-demand skills can help you get a job in 2020 and beyond.

Here are some of the most in-demand skills of 2020 that will help you shape your career and launch a stellar future.

Video Production:

Video production is high in demand in 2020, and its popularity does not seem to go down in the near future. Undeniably, video is the future of digital marketing in today’s net-savvy world. According to Cisco, the video will be 82% of total internet traffic by 2022. Therefore, learning how to record, edit, and produce compelling video content is a valuable skill in 2020 and beyond. Even if video production calls for in-depth skills to craft compelling vlogs, you need not go back to school and learn the basics. You can start creating impressive videos by counting on your phone camera, computer, and a proficient YouTube video editor. Do you know Tai Lopez? He is a well-known internet marketer. Love him or hate him, he runs 20 multi-million dollar businesses by just video content.


When someone talks about cryptocurrency, electronic currency, or digital payment, the first thing that clicks to our mind is ‘blockchain.’ Unsurprisingly, blockchain is the base technology that powers digital payment. It offers complete security and transparency. Even though blockchain was born a decade back to create a cryptocurrency, its novel way to store, authorize, move data across the internet, and send any digital asset securely has evolved over the years. This is why not only the financial institutions and banking sectors but also the companies who like to make transactions smoothly are looking to hire professionals with blockchain skills.


Cybersecurity is a high in-demand skill for 2020. Employers prefer to hire candidates with in-depth knowledge of this skill because even today, cybersecurity poses a big threat to companies. Therefore, businesses employ cybersecurity experts to protect their companies’ secrets and technologies. Even police departments are hiring professionals with cybersecurity skills to help crackdown on crime.


Like in 2019, companies are employing candidates who can creatively approach tasks and take on challenges in 2020 too. From HR to software engineering and everything in between, organizations seek creativity in candidates for all the business roles. So, whatever your job preference is, focus on honing your creativity level to bring revolutionary ideas to the table in 2020. Creative employees are the gems to the company’s assets.

Search Engine Optimization:

Digital marketing is the hottest way of business promotion on the internet. Companies know this newest tactic well, and hence, regularly look for candidates with strong SEO skills to increase their visibility on the World Wide Web. This skill is high in demand as it expands web presence, increases visibility, drives traffic, improves sales, and ROI. So, if you want to shape your career in today’s net-savvy scenario, you must consider gaining SEO skills and knowing the latest Google practices.


Persuasion will always remain a great skill. People with amazing persuading power and communication skills are high in demand, particularly in the marketing and finance sectors. Employers value candidates who can impressively explain “why” and convince their clients to a particular point of purchase. With that said, focus on brushing up your skills to communicate and effectively persuade your clients that it is in their best interest to believe in your offerings fluently. To state your ideas effectively, you can also take the help of a video maker and create powerful slide shows to persuade your customers.

Cloud Computing:

Another hot skill of 2020 is cloud computing. Today, companies move their businesses to the cloud so that they may easily store files, back up data, and manage business operations from any corner of the world. Therefore, cloud engineers are high in demand who are accountable for developing cloud computing systems like Microsoft Azure. Not to mention, Microsoft Azure helps create apps and services with any language or framework of your choice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML):

This year, like last year, ML and AI remain to be the most in-demand skills, particularly in the IT sector. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are shaping our day-to-day tasks without us even observing. As per a recent survey, around 77% of people use AI and ML in their daily tasks, while only 33% of people are aware that they are using any such tools.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are significant tools in today’s tech-savvy world. Not only the IT companies but the other sectors also seek these skills in their candidates. Therefore, getting yourself updated with AI and Ml skills can open up many paths towards a lucrative career and help you earn handsome income every year.


To come up with flying colors in today’s competitive world, you must possess the above-listed in-demand skills of 2020. It will help you carve out a strong identity in the crowded job market and build a thriving career. Luckily, you need not move the mountains to acquire these skills. You can master most of them with a little attention, constant practice, and dedication, and the rest you can learn by enrolling yourself in any specific organization that offers the courses like ML, AI, SEM, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and master the hot skills of 2020 to push your career forward.

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