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Ace That Job Interview! How to Answer the 5 Most Common Interview Questions

Ace That Job Interview! How to Answer the 5 Most Common Interview Questions

Ace That Job Interview! How to Answer the 5 Most Common Interview Questions

So, you finally got an interview for your dream job? Congratulations! However, you need to remember that preparing for it is just as important as actually being in it. Yes, it will be nerve-wracking and may feel like the longest interview of your life, but if you prepare yourself for it mentally and emotionally, you should be able to get through it with high spirits.

Naturally, you need to make sure that you know enough about the company before you even step onto the company’s grounds. So, do your research, find out their most recent and even their upcoming plans, read their mission and vision, and just find out everything that you can about them.

When meeting your future manager or the person who has the final say on whether you get your job, it would also be vital for you to always be in a very happy and positive state of mind. This will ensure that they feel at ease with you right from the start of your interview.

The most important thing to prepare for, though, would be the questions that they will shoot your way. After all, your answers may determine whether you actually get the job in the end. Here are the most common interview questions you should prepare for and the best ways to blow people away with your answers:


Tell me about yourself.

While not a question per se, a lot of interviewers will ask you about yourself at a job interview. Make sure you answer confidently and share some of your skills and hobbies that are related to the job position you are applying for. Never divulge unnecessary information about your personal life at this point, though.

Sample answer:

“I love reading about the latest trends in digital marketing and I’m constantly on the lookout for new social media tracking tools that can help track the efficiency and market of the pages that I currently handle.”


Why did you leave the last company you were with?

When answering this, always keep in mind that you should never say bad things about your former company or boss. After all, that will reflect on your personality more than anything else. Instead, just say that you were looking for something new and then talk about why you want to join the company that you’re applying for in the first place. This is where all of the aforementioned research will come in handy. Mentioning the same visions will definitely give you brownie points here!

Sample answer:

“Though I enjoyed everything that I was doing and had a lot of great colleagues, it would be a great opportunity to become part of the largest advertising agency in the country that aims to constantly be the benchmark in its field both in the country and around the world.”


What are your weaknesses?

This is one of the most dreaded interview questions out there! While a lot of people seem to think that stating that they don’t have any weakness is the best way to go, it really isn’t. You have to prove that you are human, after all, and admit that you can make mistakes. So, the best way to get through this one would be to simply discuss one weakness that you are already trying to overcome. Then, make sure you let them know that you are fully aware of this weakness and need to change it.

Sample answer:

“I tend to have a short temper, especially when fellow colleagues forget or miss a deadline. I am very particular about timeframes that are given to me and know the negative effects that they can bring about for projects, so when my colleagues miss important dates, I tend to panic a little bit. I constantly remind myself to be more patient now, though. Also, I try to speak to my colleagues as calmly as possible now and explain the effects that their actions might have, so that they can do better in the future.”


How do you handle pressure?

All that this basically means is: how do you deal with stress? When answering this question (or any of the other questions in this article, for that matter), make sure you sit up straight and look calm and confident. This will show how confident you really are at handling pressure. When answering, you can say that you avoid pressure by avoiding procrastination and last-minute cramming sessions. Ideally, you should also share a situation wherein you had to deal with pressure and how you overcame it with grace.

Sample answer:

“I try to avoid pressure by doing my assignments right away and leaving a few days’ allowance before deadlines. When pressure cannot be avoided, though, I simply remind myself to keep calm, breathe and look at the situation as a challenge. One time, I had a client screaming at me in public and although the first thing on my mind was to run away, I took a second to breathe and focus on what I had to do. I think everything should be about focus and remembering what’s most important. I have always tried to handle pressure in the calmest way possible.”


Do you have any questions for me?

This is usually the last yet also the most important interview question that pops up during job interviews. This is basically how the interviewer will find out if you are really interested in getting the job. As such, it would be best not to say no to this question. If it looks like you just want to get the whole interview over with, you may not get hired in the end. Conversely, if you ask anything about the company or the job, they will know that you have a genuine interest in working with them.


Sample questions:

“What are the common traits of the most successful employees in your company?”

This question will help you figure out if you already have the same traits to succeed in that company or if there are any things that you can improve on.

“What do you expect me to accomplish in the next three months if I join?”

Once you know the answer to that, you can ask yourself whether you are able and willing to do those tasks as needed.

“What is the culture of the company like?”

This will help you learn more about the company’s work environment and help you decide whether you really want to become a part of it or not.


What were your toughest job interview questions and how did you answer them? We’d love to hear them, too!


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