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Things You Can Do to Cope with the End of Endgame

Things You Can Do to Cope with the End of Endgame

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If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you’ve already seen “Avengers: Endgame.” (PS: the spoiler ban has officially ended!)

Whether you spent the last 30 minutes of the film alternately sobbing, cheering, and gasping in shock, or just sat there robotically munching on popcorn, like the tito who sat next to me in the cinema, chances are you’re now experiencing a serious case of sepanx.

So what happens next? Where do our heroes go after Endgame? Will there be another major villain? Who will it be? Did the characters deserve their respective endings? Whose story arc is still unresolved?

Fans are floating so many questions, most of which no one has any answers yet. So in the meantime, we are left grappling with the knowledge that after the next Spiderman film releases this July, that’s it for the MCU (for now). Add to that the jaw-dropping, heart-breaking, and soul-stirring events of the movie’s third act, and here we are, beating on the floor, trying to deal with the new reality the Russo Brothers left us.

So how do you cope with the ending of the biggest movie franchise in history? Here are several ways.

Watch Cast Interviews

Knowing that the cast members of a movie you adore are great friends in real life is a bonus for any fan. The camaraderie, not only between the Endgame character actors but of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a joy to witness.

From press interviews to red carpet interactions, the stars of MCU repeatedly proved that they are the ultimate friendship goals.

Catch the Spoilers from Cast Interviews

“We’re no Ruffalo,” were the famous words of Scarlett Johansson — and almost every other Avengers cast — when they did their press rounds for “Endgame.” Who could forget him accidentally live-streaming the first few minutes of “Thor: Ragnarok”?

It’s not just our mild-mannered Hulk that’s prone to blurting out key plotlines, though. Tom Holland was also someone to avoid or watch out for, depending on what makes you tick. Now that you’ve watched the movie, however, why must you hunt down those spoilerific interviews?

They’re super entertaining, if nothing else:

Don Cheadle’s obvious frustration when Ruffalo let slip the end of Infinity War. Watch dear Mark panic and despair at the end. (Cheadle now refuses to do press with Ruffalo. Awww.)

  • Benedict Cumberbatch practically baby-sitting Tom Holland all through the Infinity War press junket.
  • Danai Gurira pointedly revealing that Captain America is stronger than Thor while Chris Hemsworth objects (2:12). She also teased a spoiler, saying Captain Marvel can lift Mjolnir, at which point Hemsworth says, “Don’t you dare!” (0:55)
  • Chris Evans talking over Ruffalo to cover the fact that he gave away Cap’s ending (1:50).
  • When Jimmy Kimmel lamented it could be the last time he’ll have the “Avengers”  cast on his show, Scarlett Johansson turned sly and said they (while touching Downey’s arm) are never coming back (1:26).

Scrutinize Every Frame of the Spiderman: Far From Home trailers

The teaser trailer for 2019’s last MCU film was released just before “Endgame” hit the theaters. Those who paid a little too much attention to the details suddenly felt nervous for Tony Stark:

  • Pepper Potts’ signature, not Tony’s, on the check.
  • Happy Hogan telling Peter, aboard a Stark jet, “You’re all alone. Your friends are in trouble . . . “
  • Peter who can’t seem to even look at his suit.
  • Nick Fury going to Peter, not Tony or any other Avenger, for help.
  • “Are you ready to step up or not?”

Now that you know what happened, all of the above makes sense. Rewatching the trailers can give you the sadistic satisfaction that your suspicions were right; but more than that, you might catch a few tidbits that hint at the future of the MCU. (*cough* multiverse … *cough*)

Have an MCU movie marathon (duh)

What better way to relive the excitement of the last decade than watching all MCU movies in succession? With 22 films in the MCU roster, you’ll have approximately 48 hours and 11 minutes of onscreen entertainment.

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I can now relate to Doctor Strange having seen 14,000,605 possibilities. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Image Source: Weheartit

Knowing how the story arcs end for some characters also makes watching the earlier movies feel like a new experience. Scenes and lines you previously thought were inconsequential are suddenly very meaningful. Fans of “Harry Potter,” “Lord of the Rings,” “The Hobbit,” and “Star Wars” can surely relate.

Have an MCU movie marathon — and look for Easter eggs

From the directors to the set designers, the people behind the Marvel movies are also huge fans of the comic books. As such, many took the liberty to sprinkle Easter eggs all over the films, from dialogue down to costume and set design elements. Some also add non-Marvel related surprises that are nevertheless enjoyable to see.

Look at the behind-the-scenes footage and cast photos

With the spoiler ban officially over, cast members are now more forthcoming about their filming experiences. Chrises Pratt and Evans took the lead by sharing on-set, behind-the-scenes videos they took with their phones. Other actors are also sharing priceless candid pictures.

Source: @marvelousactors in Instagram

Watching the making of videos also sheds more light on the technical aspect of filmmaking, which any avid fan can appreciate. It’s why the LOTR and The Hobbit Appendices (extras on DVD) are such a hit among their fans. Here’s to hoping that Marvel will release its own version of behind-the-scenes DVDs, too!

Will we ever see a version with this Battle of Wakanda scene? Image source: Giphy

Plan your next cosplay or Halloween costume

Superhero costumes are awe-inspiring, but not everyone can pull off Black Widow in leather or a sleeveless God of Thunder. “Endgame,” however, showed us a new side to our beloved characters that don’t fit the mold, either.

Thor’s new look, The Hulk’s adorable fashion, and Natasha’s neglected hair color were refreshing to watch. They’re also easy to imitate. So go on and start planning those costumes.

I’ve heard many guys gleefully say that they can finally cosplay Thor now. Image source: Giphy

Talk to a fellow fan

Got some questions you can’t find answers for on the internet? Theories? Objections about the movie? Talk to a friend who’s a huge fan like you.

So what did you do after watching “Avengers: Endgame”? Share in the comments below, or head to our Facebook page.

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