5 Reasons Guy BFFs Are the Best

We’ve all heard that men and women can’t be just friends. Fortunately, that claim is not true. Opposite sex friendship is not uncommon in today’s society. We’ve got Harry & Hermione, Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran, and Lily Aldrin & Barney Stinson heralding the boy-girl friendship society in fiction and real life.

Whoever believes that men and women can’t be the closest of friends are missing out on the benefits of having a guy bestie. While we will always love our girlfriends, having a guy best friend offers an amazing quirk to a growing friendship. Male friends make amazing partners in crime and human pillows when you need a shoulder to cry on. Keep reading for a few reasons having a guy best friend is simply awesome.


1. He helps you see things from a guy’s perspective.

Males are an enigmatic species for many of us; they say they don’t understand us, when in reality, we don’t understand them. Having a guy best friend allows you to see the world from a man’s perspective. He’s a guy, and he knows how guys think. With his help, you learn more about men and their mysterious ways. When you’re wondering if that guy from work really likes you or not, you can always approach your guy BFF for advice. He’ll tell you what it’s like from his side of the coin.

Some guy friends can be unwaveringly honest with us. Their objectiveness snaps us back to reality and saves us from tears of shame in the future.


2. He’s always ready to protect you.

When you’ve got a guy best friend, creepers have no chance to disrespect you. Guy best friends are protective of their female friends. If anyone dares to mess with you, your guy bestie will immediately come to your rescue—and then promptly teach you how to rescue yourself if a similar situation comes up. Like your girlfriends, guy best friends will always have your back. Your guy BFF is almost like the brother you never had. Minus the thrill of romance, your male friend won’t let anything cause you pain because he cares. He’ll protect you like he’d protect his own sister.

3. You’ve always got a backup date.

Did your date just ditch you? No worries! Just give your guy friend a call. Having a male BFF guarantees that you will never go dateless to any of your special occasions. When you’re in need of a date for a special occasion coming soon, you’ve got no time to scouring the city for one. Your guy BFF’s ready be your date no matter what the occasion is. As long as you feed him and make him feel comfortable, he’ll be your reliable backup date for all occasions.


4. You can meet more guys through him.

Guy best friends are the best wingmen in the world. He’ll tell you which guy you should go for and which you should stay away from. Male besties also give you advice on how to keep your cool when approaching a guy or, if you’re too scared, they may even do it for you. Your guy BFF may also have a set of guy friends he can introduce you to. Your friendship opens more social opportunities to meet your potential boyfriend—or more potential awesome guy friends. After all, what’s better than a best-friend-approved boyfriend?


5. He’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on.

Breakups are painful yet inevitable. When you undergo a breakup, your guy best friend is one of the best shoulders to cry on. He’ll sit still while you sob on his shoulders and reassure you that everything is going to be okay. Some guy BFFs prefer to sit silently while you cry because they want to give you the space you deserve.

He understands that you’re in pain and he’ll let you use his clothes for tears as long as you need to.

Image from Friends courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Image from Friends courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

While it’s important to have your set of girlfriends, having a guy best friend is also one of the best experiences in life. Sometimes, you need a break from all the girly stuff and want to hang out with someone who can watch a movie or sports game with you—at home and in sweatpants, if you like! Guy best friends exist to feed you, make you laugh with an occasional joke, and protect you from possible harm. He’s like your brother and is one of the most important friends you’ll need in life.

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