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The End is Near: What We Want to See in the “Avengers: Endgame”

The End is Near: What We Want to See in the “Avengers: Endgame”

Everyone’s clueless on this poster. No one, not even the actors themselves know how this story’s going to go down in the end because they only got their pages during shoots and they weren’t told much to prevent leaks and advance speculation by eager fans Featured Image from

A snap of his fingers — that’s all it took for Mad Titan Thanos to dramatically alter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving the fates of many beloved characters hanging in the balance, bringing “Avengers: Infinity War” to close with one of the greatest (if not, most painful) cliffhangers of all time.

His infamous snap also made “Avengers: Endgame” one of the MCU’s most anticipated movies to date.

After Infinity War’s infamous yet bold ending, the Marvel fandom has been going crazy with conjectures, rumors, and theories as to what we might see in “Endgame.” Now that we’re just a few weeks away from the sequel showing, everyone has been running wild with questions: who’s alive? Who’s dead? Who’s going to end Thanos? Will we have a happily ever after or will we just leave the cinema in tears?

We need closure!

Fortunately, it’s happening soon.

Here’s what we’re excited to (hopefully) see in Marvel’s three-hour masterpiece:

Tony Stark and Captain America Reunion

I can’t quit you GIF via Giphy

This pair is the star of one of the slowest, slow burn bromances around. Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark’s relationship has always been complicated; their bad breakup in “Civil War” just made things worse. Heck, even “Infinity War” kept the two heroes apart from each other.

The prolonged separation of these founding Avengers deserves an extra special pay off this time around.

Given the situation they’re both in (Tony is still stuck on Titan while Cap’s trying to keep everyone together on Earth), that might be tricky. But if “Endgame” wraps up without a heartwarming Iron Man and Cap hug, we’ll riot.

More About the Soul Stone

Is the soul stone a gateway to purgatory, where Black Panther, Starlord, Spiderman, Scarlet Witch, et al. go to remain uninformed about what will go down in the “Endgame” GIF via Giphy

We’ve seen the other stones create wormholes, bend time, and alter reality. As for the soul stone, our knowledge remains zilch — nada. All we know is that Thanos has it.

There are rumors that the people he “snapped” might be stuck in the soul stone. The Soul World is not a new concept in the Marvel Comics. Comic character Adam Warlock is closely tied to the Soul Word, a place that serves a sort of purgatory for the souls he captured. If we’re going for the “pocket dimension” theory, the victims of Thanos’ finger snap are not dead; their consciousness is just stuck in the soul stone.

Hopefully, “Endgame” will tell us more about the enigmatic soul stone and if it has all of our other favorite characters trapped.

Carol Danvers Out to Kick Ass

A female superhero taking down a mammoth dude? We’re thrilled to bits to see that take place, but why aren’t the trailers showing Captain Marvel partaking in the Avengers’ biggest mission? GIF via Giphy

There’s no denying that Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is one of the most badass superheroes. James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios president) have confirmed that she isn’t just the most powerful female on the roster — she’s one of the MCU’s most powerful characters, too.

The trailer has already shown Carol finally appearing to the Avengers after Nick Fury’s signal for help. We’re excited to see how she’ll contribute to the (potential) downfall of the Mad Titan. Her character’s connection to the Kree-Skrull Wars is already showing promise. It would be awesome to see the Skrull coming to help the Avengers to acknowledge the deal they made with Carol before.

Nebula’s Big Break

Once the sulking, hateful sister now turned into an Avengers’ ally, in full white-and-red suit no less; Nebula still wants to kill daddy, of course GIF via Giphy

Since we first met her in 2014’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” we know Nebula’s background with HD definition: she’s Thanos’ daughter who hates his guts for molding her into a deadly weapon of destruction. It doesn’t help that she’s not Daddy’s favorite either. We all know that she wants daddy dearest dead.

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Nebula is on Titan with Tony Stark so we’re dying to know how she’ll get out of the planet (or if she and Stark will become “besties”). Vengeance will be her primary fuel, for sure. We can’t wait to see how Nebula will avenge herself. Will she go down the Marvel Comics route and somehow take the gauntlet for herself and use it against Thanos?

Avengers Assemble for One Last Time

This is how the Avengers assemble for a selfie GIF via Giphy

Cap’s iconic “Avengers assemble!” battle cry has been missing for six MCU movies. This means that it could happen for “Endgame.” If the rumors are true, and this movie may be Steve’s last hurrah, he’ll need to make his exit the best one yet.

Who’s Going to Die?

Is Stark going to bite the dust? Does “endgame” mean the end of his super cool life? GIF via Giphy

If we’re going to be honest, we want everyone to live and have their own happily ever after. But this is the MCU. Not everyone’s going to live.

We’ve established that there is a chance for the fallen heroes and other victims of THE SNAP might return. There is, however, also a chance for the surviving Avengers to meet their end in their pursuit of saving the world. Some people bet it’s going to be Tony, but for people who have read the comics, Cap might take the chop.

Whoever dies, we must be ready with tissues. Blood and tears will surely flow.

The Big Showdown

Cap, as always, at the head of the battle in the previous Avengers. Which splinter team will take down Thanos in the new and final (?) installment of the Avengers? GIF via Giphy

The fight between Thanos and Earth’s mightiest heroes is definitely worth the wait. We want to see how the final showdown will occur. How will Thanos use the Infinity Stones again? How can the Avengers manipulate the Mad Titan? Who is going to end the war?

We’re all sad to see the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the 24th can’t come sooner! What are you looking forward to? Let us know.

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