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10 Ways You’re Winning at Life

10 Ways You’re Winning at Life

Nowadays, social media bragging has been the current trend. A lot of people can’t help but post about unlocking an achievement, a photo of their latest gadgets and even their sweetest, loving relationships. Their posts are all over your feed which sometimes makes you feel bad about yourself. But life isn’t about getting those things. To forget the past or improve oneself is already a big life accomplishment. You don’t need that Facebook-worthy post to let others know that you’re happy and successful in your own way. Here are 10 ways you’re winning at life:

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1. You’re comfy in your own skin.

You’ve learned to accept your curvy figure, your curly hair as well as your morena skin. In short, you’ve accepted your flaws and imperfections. Instead of comparing yourself with other people, you’ve focused on your strengths and talents.

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2. You’re looking for ways to improve yourself.

Although you’ve accepted certain things, it doesn’t mean there’s no more room for improvement. You’re looking for ways to be kinder, to do better at work, or to be healthier. Way to go, girl!

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3. You have a job that you love.

Gone are those days when you drag yourself to work every morning. You’ve learned to adjust and adapt to the work dynamics since you entered the real world. Now, you’re just enjoying every bit of it and maintaining a work-life balance!

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4. You’ve taken on responsibilities.

As we grow up, we get more responsibilities. You’ve learned to admit mistakes and you’ve stopped blaming other people. Whether it’s paying the bills or leading a big project, you know you can handle it.

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5. You have specific goals.

When you were a teenager, there were a lot of times when “maybe” was your only answer. Decisions were hard and you tried to avoid them. But because things are clearer now, you’ve set goals that you would like to achieve in life. You might have accomplished some but you know you must keep track of your goals. Continue working on your bucket list!

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6. You’ve moved on from the past.

Forgetting the past is one of the hardest decisions in life. You may have been rejected, left behind, or hurt. Because you’ve let go of the pain and heartaches, it’s easier to live in the present.

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7. You’ve surrounded yourself with real friends.

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You’ve seen people come into your life and leave. You’ve encountered fake ones and those who come when they only need something from you. Even though you only hang out with a few friends now, you know they’re real and would never give up on you.

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8. You’re not afraid to take risks.

Life’s a jungle and only those who get out of their comfort zones get the best experiences. You’ve learned to face your fears, survive hard relationships, and take a detour from your plans. You’re not afraid to try something new. If things don’t work out as planned, you have no regrets.

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9. You ask yourself questions.

Well, not in the creepy kind of way. At the end of each day, you assess the things you did and did not do. Before making decisions on your own, you weigh in the pros and cons of the situation.

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10. You’ve learned to say “no.”

You’ve mastered the courage to stand up for what you believe in. You’ve learned to decline requests and give honest answers without sounding rude. After all, you know that you can’t please everybody. This is your life and you have every right what to do with it.

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