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5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick This Rainy Season

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick This Rainy Season

These days, the weather has been very unpredictable: one minute it’s raining, and then you’re overcome with sweltering heat right after. The frequent weather changes make us susceptible to sickness, so it’s important to take necessary precautions during this time.

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Everyone getting sick at the office recently? Try some of these counter measures to avoid the bug:

1. Always have your rain gear on hand.

Prevention anyway is always better than cure. Always arm yourself with an umbrella, rain boots, hoodie, raincoat, and waterproof shoes.

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2. Have a healthy lifestyle.

Get enough sleep and exercise. Switch to a healthy diet and make it a habit to take vitamins every day. Doing so enhances your immune system and resistance; arming you against the common virus that’s going around.

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3. Sanitize your work station.

We always clean our rooms and our houses, but how often do you get to clean your work station? Make sure that you wipe your desk clean–including your desktop monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other things that you frequently use–with alcohol every day to sanitize it.

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4. Do not wade in the flood.

Flood waters may carry a number of illnesses such as leptospirosis, so it’s totally understandable that no one wants to be dip their feet in the flood. Make it a habit to bring rain boots all the time so your feet are protected all the time.

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5. Make sure you are drinking clean water

Be cautious of contaminated water. Water-borne diseases such as amoebiasis and cholera are prone during the rainy season. If you’re not sure of the water you will be drinking, boil it or buy purified drinking water just to be safe.

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