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Phones for Fitness: 4 Apps That Help You Stay Fit

Phones for Fitness: 4 Apps That Help You Stay Fit

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There’s always something that stops you from staying fit. Counting calories is inconvenient. We don’t know how much exercise is enough. Tracking fitness goals takes too much of your precious time.

But there’s an app for that.

We’ve compiled apps that will help you stay on top of your health, hit your goal weight, and build your stamina, without losing your mind in the process. And without spending a cent (these apps are all free on App Store and Google Play).


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This app’s motto is “Fitness starts with what you eat,” and its goal is to help you control it. The MyFitnessPal is designed for people who want to shed a few pounds. It enables you to keep track of what you eat and what you do. By keeping a food diary and exercise log, you are more likely to stay on track and reach your goals.

The Perks

  • A Comprehensive Food Database – This app has a database of over 11,000,000 food items, which details their calorie count, nutritional information, and serving size. It even says how much activity (cycling, running, cleaning, etc., measured in minutes) you need to burn that specific food.
  • Recipes with Specific Calorie Counts – Putting together a menu? Make sure that you’re not going over the calorie count by trying the recipes in the app. Here’s a delectable sample: cilantro burgers, baked tofu, grilled peaches with Greek yogurt. Sounds delicious, right?
  • Adapts to Your Diet – Whether you’re on the South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Keto Diet, or special pregnancy diet, you can use the app to tailor your carbs, protein, and fat intake.

Daily Yoga

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With a download count of 5 million on Google Play, Daily Yoga is one of the most popular yoga apps in the digital sphere. It claims that it’s used by over 50,000,000 yogis around the world, and for good reason. There are guided video classes (handy for beginners), as well as pose-by-pose manuals with different levels of flexibility. It also grants you access to a worldwide community of yogis, who offer tips to get in shape and find inner peace.

The Perks

  • Over a Hundred Classes – You have many classes to choose from, catering to all levels of yogis. If you’re a beginner, Daily Yoga is the best place to start your journey to wellness.
  • The Right Music – No need to find the perfect calming tunes and curate a special playlist. The app offers graceful songs that complement your yoga sessions and helps put your mind into a meditative state.
  • Personal Data – The app enables you to keep daily records of all your yoga sessions. It even shows you how many calories you’ve burned by bending and stretching on the mat.

Freeletics Bodyweight

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Branded as the digital coaching trusted by 36 million people, Freeletics Bodyweight has an AI digital coach that guides you through your fitness journey. It also has a blog that brushes up your knowledge on fitness, with food articles, success stories, and motivational tips.

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The Perks

  • Customized Workouts – Its AI coach can analyze your goals and customize workouts for your fitness journey. And you know that it works because the more you train, the more it adapts to your routine.
  • Support Your Nutrition – This app acknowledges that workout is just part of the equation. So it grants you access to tailored meal plans and delectable recipes. The app’s nutrition guide is designed to support your work out, making sure you get the necessary nutrients while cutting back on unhealthy food.
  • Train Wherever, Whenever – With this handy app, you can train at home, at a park, or even in your office (during breaks, of course). The workouts don’t need equipment or a large space. No more excuses, too.

Samsung Health

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An all-in-one health tracker that helps you monitor all aspects of your health, including workouts, nutrition, sleep, and even stress levels. Through the Samsung App, you can set personal goals for three major elements of your well-being: exercise, sleep, and food. This way, you are on top of everything you need to stay fit.

The Perks

  • Movement Auto-Detection Whenever you’re walking or running, the app recognizes your movements and tracks it as part of your activities. You don’t have to hit any buttons.
  • Mechanisms for Motivation – The app keeps you motivated to stick to your goals by visualizing your progress, encouraging a friendly competition with your friends, and rewarding your milestones.
  • Takes Care of Your Mental Well-Being On top of your physical fitness, the app also looks out for your mental health, with features that help you meditate, relay sleep stories, and provide a curated, meditative playlist.

Good luck on your fitness journey, and may you hit your fitness goals.

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