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5 Things You Should Do When You’re Starting to Doubt Yourself

5 Things You Should Do When You’re Starting to Doubt Yourself

doubt yourself

We all have moments where we question ourselves and the decisions we have made; we are only human, after all. It’s natural to make mistakes, but if you find that you aren’t bouncing back from mistakes like you used to be able to do and are spending too much time questioning your own value, something is wrong.

When you find yourself constantly haunted by self-doubt, it’s time to be proactive and make some changes in your life. Here are some simple but effective things that will help you get back on track emotionally, and stop doubting yourself so much.

doubt yourself
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1. Surround yourself with loved ones.

When you’re stuck in a mentally dark spot, crushed by feelings of doubt and worthlessness, it’s important to surround yourself with people who will build you up in your time of need. You need your friends now more than ever, so make sure to reach out to them. Share your problems with them and let them be there for you. Trust me, you are not alone and every one of your friends has felt this way before too. They will understand, and they will help you bounce back from the crushing self-doubt.

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2. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

When we’ve already tried to do something over and over but keep on failing, it’s easy to get discouraged. It gets even more upsetting if there’s someone else in your life that is doing something similar, and they don’t seem to be struggling at all. Stop looking at where other people are at in their lives and feeling like you’re somehow not as good as them, because you are. Remember that they struggled to get where they are in life, just the same as anyone else. Everyone has different struggles; stop comparing yours to someone else and making yourself feel inferior.

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3. Keep a journal of your accomplishments.

It’s easy to get lost in the bad things and failures that we make, but it’s important to acknowledge that you have accomplished plenty of things as well. Make it a goal once each night, or at least once each week, to list down at least five things that you did that were good. It doesn’t have to be noteworthy, outstanding things like getting an award, those things don’t happen every day. But think of that small thing you didn’t have to do, but you did and it made someone smile, or how you thought you wouldn’t finish your last task at work on time today, but you did. Write down the highlights of your day, and go over them when you’re having feelings of self-doubt.

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4. Repeat positive mantras.

Sometimes, all it takes to turn your mood around is to tell yourself to do it. Have a list of your favorite mantras, ones that speak to you and make you feel good when you hear them. Some examples might be “you are loved,” “keep your head up and your heart open,” or “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Remember these words, and when you begin doubting yourself, repeat them out loud. Say them as many times as you need to until you believe them, and they take a positive hold on you.

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5. Cut out toxic people.

Just as it’s important to surround yourself with loved ones, it’s necessary to get rid of toxic relationships. We’ve all had that one “friend” at some point in our lives, that person who is condescending toward us and manages to hurt our feelings and play it off as a joke. You don’t need people like that around you, especially when you’re already struggling with your self-worth. Some “friends” aren’t really friends, and if someone is always talking down to you and making you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to end that relationship. Those kind of people don’t deserve your time.

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Whenever your feelings of doubt are creeping in, stay strong. It happens to even the best of people. So, remember: It’s normal to feel this way, and you will overcome it. Keep your head up and a positive attitude, and some day you will wonder why you ever felt like you couldn’t do it.

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