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Laugh Your Way to a Stress-Free Life: The Health Benefits of Laughter

Laugh Your Way to a Stress-Free Life: The Health Benefits of Laughter

Laugh Your Way to a Stress-Free Life: The Health Benefits of Laughter

Did you know that laughter is one of the most powerful stress relievers out there? Stress relief aside, laughter comes with a lot of other benefits, as well:

Laughter is healthy for the body.

While laughing on a daily basis might not be able to keep the doctor away, laughter is still known to improve a person’s overall quality of life. People who laugh a lot are always known to be in good health. Plus, laughter is actually considered as a legit complementary therapy among certain cancer patients.

Laughter is healthy for the heart.

Who says exercising and listening to good music is the only way to release endorphins? Laughter can release endorphins, too, and thus increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood into the body. This, in turn, creates a chemical rush that eliminates any stress or negativity in the mind and body for better heart health overall.

Laughter is healthy for the mind.

While extremely serious problems aren’t that easy to laugh off, laughter can help people forget about the less serious problems of life, like stress, heartbreak and feelings of loneliness.

Unfortunately, laughing isn’t always easy to do, especially when unfortunate problems arise. So, if you need to bring about some instant laughter in your life, here are some simple¬†recommendations on how to bring about laughter when you need it the most:

1. Do a How I Met Your Mother marathon. If Barney Stinson and the gang don’t leave you in stitches after a few episodes, I don’t know what will. If you’re not a big HIMYM fan, then try Friends. Or Big Bang Theory. Either way, just find your TV show medicine of choice and marathon it.

2. Watch feel-good Adam Sandler movies. Or 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, which both come with the added bonus of Channing Tatum’s guns.

3. Look for cute babies dancing on YouTube. There are a lot. At least one is sure to catch your fancy and get you giggling in no time.

4. Spend the night scrolling through 9GAG. All it takes is one perfect photo to make you feel better in no time.

5. Call a friend. If all else fails, call your best buddy to cheer you up! Who knows? He or she might be free to come over with a bottle of vodka or a tub of ice cream (or both) to keep your frowns at bay.

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