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4 Hacks to Take Care of Your Shoes During the Rainy Season

4 Hacks to Take Care of Your Shoes During the Rainy Season

Shoes on a Rain Puddle
Shoes on a Rain Puddle
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Rainy days are perfect when you’re at home. You can stay in bed all day long; reading a good book while drinking hot cocoa or cuddling with your dog while having a Netflix marathon. But when you need to go somewhere else, rain can be a huge inconvenience.

For some reason, PUVs are scarce, and traffic is way more terrible when it’s raining. It’s harder to commute, and you will probably spend hours waiting before you can get a ride. Indeed, rain can ruin your day. But you know what else it can damage? Your shoes.

No matter the style or brand, shoes don’t fare well in a rainy weather. Their colors fade, and they smell bad when they are constantly damp. They may even cause athlete’s foot! So, if you want to protect your shoes (and your feet) during the rainy season, here are some tips you should know:

1. Waterproof Your Shoes

Waterproof Slip-on Shoes
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Use a shoe protection spray or beeswax to waterproof your shoes. If properly applied, these products can protect your shoes from the rain all year long. What’s even better is that these sprays and beeswax are easily available online. Just hit the Google search, and you can find the best deal for these items.

2. Wear Fashionable Rain Boots



Rain Boots
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Most of us bring an extra pair of slippers in our bags to replace our shoes when it’s raining. While that is not a bad idea, it is more convenient to wear fashion rain boots during wet days. You no longer have to worry about getting your bought-from-hard-earned-money shoes wet or soaking your feet while on slippers. Plus, fashion rain boots are available in an array of styles and colors! You can buy a pair or two that is easy to mix and match with your wardrobe.

3. Stuff and Wrap Your Wet Shoes with Old Newspaper

Slip-on Shoes with Paper Inside Soles
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In case you go home with damp shoes, you have to act quickly. Don’t just leave them on the shoe rack or the doorstep, as they would end up smelling bad and a breeding ground for bacteria. What you should do is ball up some old newspaper and stuff them inside your wet shoes. You may want to remove the insole for best results. Don’t forget to wrap the outsides of your shoes with newspaper, too. The paper quickly absorbs the water inside the shoe and maintains its shape as it dries, which is way better than letting it dry on its own.

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If your shoes got wet because of a flood, make sure to disinfect them once they’re dry. Dab some alcohol on your shoes or put foot powder inside them to fight off the fungus.

4. Freeze Your Shoes

DIY Remedy for Stinky Shoes
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Yes, you read that right—freeze your shoes to get rid of their stinky smell. Some shoes remain smelling bad, even after you dry them. You can try doing popular home remedies for stinky shoes, such as cleaning it with vinegar, baking soda solution, putting teabags inside of them, and using deodorizer. But if all else fails, you might want to freeze them.

Put the shoes inside a Ziploc or resealable bag, and place it in the freezer. Several blogs and magazine sites say that the extreme cold can help kill the bacteria inside the shoes. So, leave the bag with shoes inside the freezer overnight.  Take the bag out the morning after, and thaw it out. You’ll likely start wearing the shoes again as they smell fresh.

Do you know other tips to take care of your shoes during the rainy season? Share them with us by leaving a comment or shooting us a message.

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