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5 Times Alden Richards Gave Us Serious Kilig on Instagram

5 Times Alden Richards Gave Us Serious Kilig on Instagram

So, AlDub’s “Tamang Panahon” concert happened last week. AlDub fans flocked to Philippine Arena–filling the 55,000 seater to the brim–and to Twitter, setting a world record of 39 million tweets.

We have to admit, we are still having a concert hangover, so we turn to Alden Richards’s Instagram account to extend our adrenaline rush. The result? Some serious “bae” kilig. Take a look at the photos below to find out why:

1. How cute is this?

2. Who could ever forget this emotional roller coaster of an episode? It hit us right in the feels, and Alden demonstrated that real men are not afraid to cry–even in public.

3. How sweet is this? It’s good to know that guys will still make an effort to woo our hearts even in this Tindr era. We swear, Alden can give us just about anything, and he’d still sweep us off our feet.

4. Awwww, his first photo with Yaya Dub! We’re glad there’s no wooden plank getting in their way this time.

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5. Here they are at the “Tamang Panahon” concert. Look how dashing he is in formal garb. Can that pabebe wave get any cuter?

That’s our bae, indeed.

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