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TMI Alert: Should You Be Posting That on Social Media?

TMI Alert: Should You Be Posting That on Social Media?

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People have long said goodbye to their journals and diaries (but if you’re still doing this, good for you!). Why tire your hands writing down today’s happenings when you can just share it on social media, right?

All it takes is a click to connect with friends and share what you’ve been up to recently. Admit it or not, there’s a feeling of elation that comes with likes, re-tweets, and shares. We want others to know what we think about a certain subject or where we are currently vacationing.

Social media is a godsend, this we can all agree with. But just because it’s a convenient form of personal platform, doesn’t mean you can post everything about yourself.

If you want to stay friends with everyone on social media, stop yourself from posting these TMI (too-much-info) posts:

Rants About the Work

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Yes, we know – you hate your boss, you think you’re underpaid, and everyone might be ganging up on you in the workplace. Office troubles happen; rest assured, you’re not alone in the struggle, girl.

But do you really have to rant online?

Keep in mind that you’re friends with some of your colleagues. They will most likely see it and assume that you are also angry at them. Ranting about the office on social media is anything but professional; it shows that you can’t control your thoughts online.

Be mindful, too, that future employers now check social media to do a background check on a candidate. You wouldn’t want your dream job to slip through because all people could see on your FB or Twitter are rants about work. Who would want to hire a whiner?

Intimate Photos or Statuses

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Relationships always call for a celebration, especially if you think you’ve found the love of your life. There’s nothing wrong with posting a photo or two with your bae on IG or Facebook.

We said one or two, not a million photos.

Remember: you’re not the only one using social media. Many of your friends can see the endless statuses or photos about your relationship. In the worst cases, some couples even share photos after they’ve done the deed (you know what I’m talking about).

It’s great that you’re happy with your partner, but be sensitive with what you post. No need to bombard your friends’ walls about your romance. Do you know that happy couples share less on social media (Check it, there’s a study)?

Be sensitive with what you share and spare your friends from un-following both of you.

Advice on Sensitive Topics

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Facebook is a circus filled with fights on the comments section. If you’re an interested spectator, it’s fun to watch; but when you are in the middle of the crossfire, it can be a tad unpleasant.

Politics, religion, and gender issues – these are some hot topics that instigate sparks between friends and followers (especially the first one). We all have our opinions, but if you don’t want to fight online, best to keep your thoughts to yourself. If you wish to express yourself (but don’t want haters), express your opinions on a blog instead.

That way, no one can comment unpleasant words that result in online grudge.

Your Almost Naked Photos

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The world won’t diss you if you flaunt what your Momma gave you. A bikini picture while on vacation or a before/after selfie after the gym won’t hurt your social media.

But if you’re sharing almost nudes online, might want to take it down.

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If you don’t want others to see you and your undies in public, sharing suggestive selfies online is a bad idea. Apart from giving others the wrong idea, it invites cyber cat-calling, which can also trigger perverts to stalk you.

Post What You Eat – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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The reign of Instagram paved the way for normal people like us to be semi-professional photographers online. And what better way to showcase our “photography skills” than by taking shots of the food we eat (especially the fancy ones)?

I’m a big fan of #foodporn, believe me. I also enjoy taking photos of my food when everything looks so special. But I don’t post everything I eat.

You’re not an online McDonald’s branch where you must post all the food you encounter. When you keep posting #foodpics, people might think you order food just so you can Instagram it. Others may also think you’re bragging too much – showcasing all the fancy food you ordered online.

Taking a photo of your grub is okay once in a while, but refrain from bombarding your news feed with one too many pictures of your instant noodles or sizzling steak.

Flaunting Your “Wealth”

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Most people on social media also love to brag about their shiny new toys; in adult speak, that includes expensive phones, tablets, cars, or designer clothes. Some people are too excited; they can’t help but post it online.

Regularly posting luxurious items you own online can be dangerous. Crooks might want to steal it from you or take advantage of you. Keep in mind that not everyone on social media is your friend (remember those friend requests you kept accepting randomly?).

As a general rule, avoid showcasing pricey purchases or gifts on a platform where you can’t trust everyone.

Sometimes, some thoughts or photos are best kept to yourself. Don’t be that one person everyone dislikes on social media. As the old saying goes, think before you click.

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