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3 Things We Love about Levi’s Fall Denim Collection

3 Things We Love about Levi’s Fall Denim Collection

Levi’s, the brand that created the first-ever blue jean for women in 1934, has come up with its line of jeans for women that not only has perfect fit but is also especially tailored for Asian women’s lifestyles. This collection was showcased in a fashion show featuring Asian superstar Vanness Wu in Manila.

Aside from showcasing the new collection, Nic Versloot, Managing Director of Levi’s in ANZ and Southeast Asia, said that they wanted to engage emotionally. “Because it’s not just about product,” he explained. “It’s about showing the vibe and connecting with people emotionally, because that’s what makes Levi’s a stronger brand than others. We have this Live in Levi’s campaign, where people tell us about how they live their lives in Levi’s. So we’re going to combine the two things: Show the collection but also refer to the campaign.”

Modern Filipina--Levi's Women's Collection 2
F4 alum Vanness Wu was chosen to perform during the launch of the women’s collection because women love him, according to Levi’s Managing Director in ANZ and Southeast Asia, Nic Versloot.  “He’s got such an appeal with women,” her said. “Women love him and [the collection is for them]. So that was mostly our reason.” Vanness is also a massive Levi’s fan and wears custom Levi’s jackets.
Below are the things we loved about this collection:

1. They have a comfortable fit.

The key styles of women were identified by the Levi’s brand global design team, “obsessively working to optimize the latest fabric innovations and slimming technologies,” resulting into “the perfect fitting jean for each body type.”

Modern Filipina--Levi's Women's Collection 3
The Levi’s new Women’s Denim collection is inspired by the idea that “behind every great woman is a great pair of jeans.”

Designed for Asian women, these jeans have “slimmer thigh, flattering leg, and a contoured seat for a little lift.” The styles are 711 Skinny, 712 Slim, 714 Straight, 715 Bootcut, and 721 High Rise Skinny.

2. They’re designed to fit Asian women’s lifestyles.

After perfecting the fit, Levi’s made sure that these jeans could keep up with Asian women’s lifestyles. This latest collection is in fact, inspired by the idea that “behind every great woman is a great pair of jeans.”

“We’re targeting different uses [for different occasions],” explained Nic. “If you want to go on a hot date, maybe you’d wear skinny or super skinny jeans. If you’re just chilling with friends, flat shoes and a straight fit is more appropriate. So we really have a range that [is tailored] for different occasions.”

Modern Filipina--Levi's Women's Collection 6
Levi’s, modeled by real customers. These are the six winners in “Cast Me Levi’s,” who walked the runway wearing the brand’s new collection after sharing their most memorable story with their most loved pairs of Levi’s jeans.


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Modern Filipina--Levi's Women's Collection 4
Award-winning lifestyle blogger and columnist Jenni Epperson walked the runway as a #LiveInLevis brand ambassador while wearing a pair of jeans from Levi’s new Women’s Denim collection.

3. Alicia Keys loves it.

Aside from Alicia showing her talent and style through the brand, she also lent her voice by singing “28,000 Days,” an exclusive song that is the soundtrack of the campaign.

“We chose her not only because she loves the brand, but she’s a great role model for young women who want to be empowered and feel that they can achieve,” explained Nic. “She stands for a lot of things—the same values that we have as a brand.”

Modern Filipina--Levi's Women's Collection--ALICIA KEYS
Alicia Key’s is the global ambassador for the Women’s Denim Collection not just because she loves the brand, but also because she believes in empowering women. Photo from Levi’s Facebook page.

Levi’s Denim Collection for Women is now available in Levi’s stores and select wholesale partners. Visit for more details.

Photos provided by Levi’s Philippines unless otherwise stated. 

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