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4 SupermodelMe Contestants Talk About Growth and Inner Beauty

4 SupermodelMe Contestants Talk About Growth and Inner Beauty

4 SupermodelMe Contestants Talk Growth and Inner Beauty

Have you always wondered what it might be like to be a supermodel? The 12 contestants of the current season of SupermodelMe, the original Asian supermodel series, have found out first-hand. The fifth season, dubbed SupermodelMe: Sirens, premieres tonight, November 24, 2014, and will run Mondays at 8PM on DIVA. Watch it to learn about the drama, hard work, and physical challenges the supermodel hopefuls from seven Asian countries (including two from the Philippines) have to go through to get that much closer to their dreams.

4 SupermodelMe Contestants Talk Growth and Inner Beauty
Photo courtesy of DIVA TV Asia

While all of the contestants in the latest season have had modeling experience in the past, they hoped working with show host and international model Lisa S, as the resident and guest judges, would help propel them to the next level. Did they succeed? You’ll just have to watch.

Still, we got a short preview during a recent event to launch the series. Four of the 12 contestants showed up to talk about their experiences from the show. These included the two representatives from the Philippines, 20-year-old Irish Ong and 21-year-old Jasmine Ng, as well as the 21-year-old twins representing Japan, Rafaella and Gabriela Leonardo.

We asked the four ladies at the launch how they felt they had grown from their experience filming the show as well as any tips they had for modern Filipinas who might be inspired by it, and they were quick to answer.

4 SupermodelMe Contestants Talk Growth and Inner Beauty
From left: Jasmine Ng, Irish Ong, Gabriela Leonardo, Rafaella Leonardo. Photo courtesy of DIVA TV Asia.

“This was a big leap for me going into where I have a private life, where I don’t really expose too much, to being on TV, them seeing who I am, and so it was a bit of a challenge for me to just be as natural as I am,” said Brazilian-Japanese beauty Rafaella. “So I think during [the show] I realized that [you need] to not worry too much about small things. I think that goes a long way, and I think to never judge yourself and to always just rise up on top so you don’t fail inside. Because I think it’s about how we label ourselves, so I think through this, I really learned to be constructive with my reality.”

Her twin sister Gabriela said, “Well, I think it looks a lot different than it looks in real life, how this show got portrayed. I feel like I’ve grown a lot. Now I know my limits and the fact that I’m limitless, I’m so much stronger, I’ve pushed so many boundaries within myself. And for a tip, be yourself. Inner beauty counts as well as outer beauty because inner beauty transcends into your outer beauty.”

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Filipino contestant Irish uttered similar sentiments. “After the competition, feeling that you were stronger, you were more confident, I think it shows in you. When you have it inside, you just do [you]. You’re just being yourself—being beautiful, being colorful, it shows from the inside as well. And after realizing all [that] stuff, like, I can do this stuff, I can do this thing, it made me think that as a young adult, I’m growing, I’m maturing. Naisip ko, there’s room for expansion pala. I can grow into this woman that I want to be, I can be anything I want to be. This show really helped me boost my confidence. And as a tip for young girls, just one simple thing: just be yourself, and it will show.

Australian-Filipino contestant Jasmine admitted the show was a lesson in strength. “The SupermodelMe experience is so unique because you know they put you through this emotional roller coaster, and everybody handles it really differently, whether they handle it well or whether they struggle with it. So for me, I really struggled with that, but you know, you’ve gotta always remember to be strong. So that’s our recommendation for all the young girls out there. You’ve gotta be strong. You’ve gotta really, really know yourself. And don’t be afraid to let yourself shine because that’s always the best part of you.”

SupermodelMe: Sirens premieres on November 24, 2014, at 8PM. New episodes will air every Monday at 8PM on DIVA Universal, which is Channel 57 on SkyCable and Channel 25 on Cignal. For more on the show, visit

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